Monday Mankowskis: Are the Tigers the 2007 Padres?

We survived Stormageddon in Arizona and are delighting in the prospect of Cactus League games in five weeks. In the meantime …

  • I was looking at my notebook of random Tigers thoughts and here’s one leftover from the fall. The 2007 Padres lost a Game 163 and began a downward spiral that’s still in motion, more or less. Are the ‘09 Tigers following a similar path? What might the Padres look like if they had beaten the Rockies — and has Matt Holliday yet touched home plate? How would the 2010 Tigers look had they beaten the Twins in Game 163?

    My initial thoughts on the subject led me to believe the Tigers’ competitive window was just about shut and locked. Now, I’m not so sure. A month after the Curtis Granderson trade, I’m more confident that the Tigers are on footing that’s much more solid than the Padres of recent years. What do you think?

  • Found this on yesterday:

    In a story in the New York Times, Detroit Tigers President Frank Navin blames the length of the games on the coachers (sic) boxes. Navin, reacting to American League President Ban Johnson’s complaint that too many games the previous season had taken two hours to play, says the boxes should be moved back so that the catcher can give the pitcher his signals more quickly. From where they are now, he said, the coaching players can detect the catcher’s signals unless he takes a lot of time to hide them. Navin said this slow signalling (sic) is the reason for the longer games.

    Two hours to play? If only we had that problem today.

  • Were you as surprised as I was that the Giants signed Aubrey Huff to be their starting first baseman and cleanup hitter? Here’s what general manager Brian Sabean said of the Huff signing:

    “The more we examined what he has done and what we need, we thought this would be a good fit. He’s a fourth hitter who’s been a run producer and quite frankly he’s got the track record we were looking for. Even in a down year he drove in 85 runs which is something we needed.”

    You have to admire the man’s optimism.

  • In our recent Fungo Pulse Check we asked: If only one of these Tigers could be elected to the Hall of Fame, who would you choose? Here are the results: Alan Trammell: 85 percent (33 votes); Jack Morris: 15 percent (six votes). I guess I’m in the distinct minority on Morris. Be sure to take our current poll in the sidebar –>.

  • Happy Birthday to Jose Macias (38) and the late Vern Ruhle.

Have a great week.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Mankowskis: Are the Tigers the 2007 Padres?”

  1. I don’t think the Tigers will be like the Padres in the past few seasons at all. The starting staff i very good and very young, and they still have Miggy. They’ll have a lot of money coming off the books after this season, and should be big players in the free agent market because of it.


  2. It’s hard to look down the road a couple of years and contemplate a rotation of Verlander, Porcello, Scherzer, Crosby and Turner–and then think that the Tigers are going to stink.


  3. I agree that the Tigers aren’t on a Padres-like road to ruin. When the notion first came to mind was right after Game 163 and the Tigers had so many questions — free agents, bad contracts, etc. — that I wondered if they would start to dismantle. But now it’s clear that they have no intention of retrenching…and that’s great news for us Tigers fans.



  4. The Tigers’ pitching is deep, and mostly young. That’s going to keep them from having to totally start over. They can use some of that excess pitching to fill needs. And as others have said, some big money is coming off the books soon, freeing up cash for some (hopefully) shrewd signings to feel other needs.


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