Three for Thursday: A Timo Sighting, Maggs vs. Dye, and Cecil Cashes In

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  1. If you were holding out hope that Timo Perez would be the answer to the Tigers’ left-handed hitting outfielder problem — I’m looking at you, Big Al — we have some disappointing news: Timo signed a minor-league deal with the Dodgers.

    Perez, 34, split the 2009 season between the independent Can-Am league’s New Jersey and Veracruz of the Mexican League.

    And here I thought he was still in Toledo.

  2. First, let’s tip our cap to birthday boy Magglio Ordonez. With that out of the way, let’s compare Maggs to someone else who was born on this date in 1974: the ulcer-generating-Tigers-bully Jermaine Dye. If you had to guess, who would you say hit more home runs?

    If you said Magglio (as I did) you would be incorrect. In fact, Dye has hit 48 more home runs. Now, I soon remembered that Magglio missed most of 2004 (52 games) and half of ’05 (82), and Dye has one more season under his belt. But when you look at their other career offensive stats, they’re darned comparable (with Ordonez ahead in all the other stats cherry-picked for this post):


    • Dye: .274
    • Ordonez: .312


    • Dye: 1,779
    • Ordonez: 1,974


    • Dye: 1,072
    • Ordonez: 1,145


    • Dye: 363
    • Ordonez: 399


    • Dye: .826
    • Ordonez: .884

    Who knew? Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jermaine. May Opening Day 2010 find you in the Tigers dugout or in the National League.

  3. On this date in 1992 the Tigers avoided salary arbitration with Cecil Fielder by agreeing to a $4.5 million contract. At the time, it was the largest one-year deal in major-league history. And soon Justin Verlander will blow right past that number.

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