Bondo on the Mend

BondermanHead.jpgESPN’s Buster Olney checked in with Jeremy Bonderman this week, and it seems that Justin Verlander‘s assesment of Bondo is spot on. And, just in time, Bonderman pinpointed some mechanical issues not long before he arrived in Lakeland:

About a month ago, he and his father, Gene, reviewed some videotape from earlier in his career and compared that to video taken this winter in Washington, where Bonderman throws at the facility once owned by Mel Stottlemyre. Right away, father and son could see how different he looked, as compared to those days when he used his legs.

Since then, Bonderman has focused on dropping lower in his delivery, drawing his front arm higher — “instead of a lazy front side,” he said — and driving off the mound more. He has endeavored to get back to the way his delivery was before, and he can see a difference in his fastball. “Instantly,” he said.

Can you imagine how tough the Tigers’ rotation will be on the American League if Bonderman and Max Scherzer live up to their potential?

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