Two for Tuesday: The Tigers Traded Ty Cobb?

How’s this for interesting? On this date in 1907:

In a trade of legendary outfielders, the Detroit Tigers send Ty Cobb to the Cleveland Naps in exchange for Elmer Flick. Cleveland’s manager, Nap Lajoie, rejects the trade of future Hall of Famers. Flick will bat .302 in 1907 while Cobb will lead the American League with a .350 mark.

Who knew?

Also, on this date in 1985, Denny McLain was convicted of racketeering, extortion and cocaine possession in Tampa. McLain served 29 months of a 23-year sentence in an Alabama federal prison before an appeals court overturned the decision. On Sept. 4, 1987, after posting $200,000 bond he was released.

In an AP article the following day McLain said he suffered “tremendous despair” at times while in the clink. Nevertheless, “The system works. Thank God it works,” he said.

My only connection to McLain was listening to the “Eli and Denny Show”, which I thoroughly enjoyed, on WXYT-AM in the early 1990s on my way to work.

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