Scott Sizemore Continues to Impress Local and National Observers

Scott Sizemore.jpgESPN’s Jason Grey likes what he sees from Scott Sizemore in spring training — even though the rookie is hitting .211 in the Grapefruit League. A long-time Sizemore watcher, Grey says…

Having seen him for a couple of days now, I certainly can’t tell by the way he is running that he is returning from an ankle fracture. That’s a good sign that he still should be able to contribute 10-15 steals to go along with a good batting average and a homer total somewhere in the teens. In other words, quiet production across the board. He’ll give up the occasional start to Ryan Raburn, but Sizemore is the starter here and I expect him to take the job and run with it.

The Detroit NewsLynn Henning likes what he sees and this week wrote that Tigers fans will grow to like Sizemore and his day-to-day approach:

Hasn’t done anything exceptional — and that’s just fine with the Tigers. Sizemore is solid at second base and his hitting is picking up steam. Fans will like his serious game face. He looks as if he might be a low-key hitter early and a tougher hitter during the second half of his rookie season.

There’s going to be plenty of interesting story lines this season in Detroit and Sizemore certainly is one of them.

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