Three for Thursday: Fishing with The Cat, Free Cars and Poll Results

How’s this for a grab bag of Tigers-related goodness?
3 fingers.jpg

  1. Want to go fishing with Jack Morris? World Fishing Network and Comcast Michigan will offer one lucky angler and his or her favorite fishing buddy the opportunity to spend the day fishing with former Tiger Jack Morris in the “WFN’s Fishing with Jack Morris presented by Comcast” Sweepstakes. You can enter here. The contest ends May 2.

    I don’t fish so you can count me out. But if you win, be sure to tell The Cat that I said hello and that I think he should be in the Hall of Fame.

  2. One hundred years ago today, Detroit’s Chalmers Auto Company agreed to award a new car to the player who owned the highest batting average at the end of the 1910 season. Nap Lajoie won a disputed batting title over Ty Cobb in a controversial finish. Here’s what happened, according to Cobb’s page in’s Bullpen:

    In 1910, he was so unpopular with other players that St. Louis Browns manager Jack O’Connor instructed his third baseman, Red Corriden, to play well back on the last day of the season as his team faced the Cleveland Naps. The Naps’ star Napoleon Lajoie was locked in a tight race with Cobb for the batting title, but thanks to the Browns’ generosity, dropped bunt single after bunt single down the third base line that day, going 6 for 6 on his way to a batting title that is still controversial today.

    Chalmers gave cars to both players to avoid any hassles.

  3. Believe it or not, former White Sox slugger Jermaine Dye is looking for work. But according to our recent Fungo Pulse Check Poll, nabbing Dye shouldn’t be the Tigers’ top priority — but close to it. Here are the results:

    What move should the Tigers make for the final piece of the 2010 puzzle?

    • Trade surplus pitching for a slugger (35%, 63 Votes)
    • Sign Jermaine Dye (34%, 61 Votes)
    • Add infield depth (31%, 54 Votes)

    Thanks to everyone that weighed in. The 178 votes were the most ever for a Fungo Pulse Check. Also, be sure to vote in our latest poll in the sidebar –>

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