The Non Sequiturs: D-Train Edition

Just how bad was the first 20 minutes of the movie “Funny People”? Bad enough for me to turn it off and look closer at Dontrelle Willis‘s stats since coming to Detroit. Here’s what I found, along with some random tidbits to consider over breakfast:

    Dontrelle Willis.jpg

  • Would you have guessed that one week into the season that Justin Verlander‘s ERA would be three-times higher than Willis’s?

    Go ahead and poke all the holes in that question. I’ll wait.

  • If you had to guess which lefty trade acquisition has a better ERA during his time in Detroit, who would you guess: Willis or Jarrod Washburn? The answer? Washburn by an eyelash — 7.73 vs. 7.77.

    Take Dontrelle’s first start of the year out of the equation and Washburn wins running away, though hardly worth bragging about. Willis’s Detroit ERA coming into the year was: 8.34.

    By the way, both pitchers have a single win to show for their respective time with the Tigers.


  • Speaking of ill-fated 2009 Tigers trades, Aubrey Huff‘s hitting .280 for the Giants.

  • How’s this for depressing? With the loss on Monday, the Tigers are 45-46 all-time against the Royals at Comerica Park. The Royals have an overall 674-952 record since the Tigers’ ballpark opened 10 years ago this week.

  • One last Dontrelle item. In last week’s Fungo Pulse Check we asked: How many games will Dontrelle Willis win this year? And here’s what you said:

    • 6-10 (45%, 80 Votes)
    • 0-5 (30%, 52 Votes)
    • 10+ (25%, 44 Votes)
    • Total Voters: 176

    Take our new poll, won’t you? –>

That’s all I got.

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One thought on “The Non Sequiturs: D-Train Edition”

  1. Much like his team, I’m reserving judgment on Big D until Memorial Day.

    I will say Verlander’s looking a lot like a guy who just got his first big payday. He cannot be an every-other-year pitcher.


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