Tuesday Tananas: A-Jax Reality Check, CoPa Reviews and Inge’s Pop Outs

crabbydude.jpgSome thoughts and recommended reading culled during what sounds like another dreary day at Comerica Park.

  • Despite his 4 for 28 slump during the current home stand (at least through the fifth inning today), Austin Jackson continues to be an early favorite for the American League Rookie of the Year Award. Given Curtis Granderson‘s poor start and injury one would think Yankees fans would like a do over on that trade. Not exactly. Over at It’s About the Money, Stupid, Will breaks it down — and soars over my head on some of it — with a statistical view. The gist:

    [Jackson’s] batting average on balls in play is an outrageous .459. Regress that to league average (which is what happens when you add enough at bats to his resume), and here’s what happens to his numbers. His batting average falls from .331 to .216, and his OBP falls from .382 to .267.

  • Have you seen the website StadiumJourney.com? If not, take a few minutes to check it out. Paul Swaney and a host of others have produced detailed reviews of major league ballparks, NFL stadiums, and NBA and NHL arenas. You can become a member and add your comments to the reviews. Recently they added a review of Comerica Park and give the venue a five out of five in terms of return on fan investment. Take a look.

  • If a current Tigers player is approaching Craig Monroe-like status with yours truly it’s Brandon Inge. If the two batters ahead of him walk, you can guarantee Inge will swing at the first pitch and pop out. Or at least it seems that way.

    I looked at his outs so far this season and here’s how it breaks down coming into today: 32 strikeouts, 37 ground outs and 65 flyouts. (Unfortunately, ESPN.com doesn’t carve-out the popouts within fly balls.) Bottom line:

    • 64 percent of Inge’s outs on balls in play are in the air
    • 28 percent are ground outs
    • 24 percent are strikeouts

    I’ll need to dig deeper to see how this aligns with his teammates but at the very least I feel better knowing that Inge is a flyout machine.

  • Last week’s Fungo Pulse Check poll was either poorly timed or prescient. The flurry of roster moves made the question practically moot, but we kept it going anyway. The results:

    Who will the Tigers send down when Carlos Guillen returns from the DL?

    • Don Kelly (43%, 86 Votes)
    • Ryan Raburn (30%, 60 Votes)
    • Brad Thomas (22%, 43 Votes)
    • Alex Avila (3%, 6 Votes)
    • Brennan Boesch (2%, 4 Votes)

    If you haven’t yet, cast your vote in this week’s poll.

Take heart. There are only 17 more games against the White Sox this season.

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One thought on “Tuesday Tananas: A-Jax Reality Check, CoPa Reviews and Inge’s Pop Outs”

  1. Laird is the one who is reaching “why do they let him bat?” status with me. Whenever Willis pitches, I hope that they’ll let him hit and DH for Laird. Like Inge, popouts/strikeouts in key situations are piling up. Can’t complain about their defense, but both of them are can be black holes in that lineup.


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