Wednesday Walewanders: Dickerson, Pulse Checks and the Scherzer Dilemma

Of course I’m enjoying this matinee game between the Tigers and Mariners, but I’m simply more excited to see Nate Robertson (4-4, 4.56 ERA) start against the Braves tonight. I kid.spaghetti.jpg

  • A nice piece on yesterday featuring Tigers radio voice Dan Dickerson. A morsel:

    Dickerson is about calling ’em as he sees ’em.

    Whether he’s describing a home run or a strikeout, the only difference in Dickerson’s voice is a noticeable rise in pitch when the situation calls for it. Like Harwell, Dickerson is always quick to praise a memorable play — even if it was made by Detroit’s opponent.

  • Last week’s Fungo Pulse Check garnered the most-ever responses (thank you!). Here are the results:

    Which of the Tigers [May 16] weekend roster moves surprised you the most?

    • Carlos Guillen’s move to second base (36%, 183 Votes)
    • Scott Sizemore’s demotion (23%, 120 Votes)
    • Danny Worth’s promotion (19%, 98 Votes)
    • Max Scherzer’s demotion (16%, 84 Votes)
    • Armando Galarraga’s promotion (6%, 30 Votes)

      Total Voters: 515

    Don’t forget to vote in this week’s poll. –>

  • It looks like Max Scherzer is making the most of his time in Toledo. Last night he followed his first dominant outing with another: one run on three hits in seven innings. He now has 17 strikeouts in 15 IP with a 0.60 ERA for the Mud Hens.

    Ian and I talked about this on the podcast this week: How many Triple-A starts should the Tigers require of Scherzer before recalling him. I say four. What do you think?

  • Speaking of Mr. Casselberry, his latest dispatch appears on M-Live’s Cutoff Man blog today. As always, he’s got a timely take:

    For Justin Verlander, pitching at Safeco Field in Seattle might be his big obstacle. In terms of win-loss record, Verlander’s numbers in the Pacific Northwest look solid. A 3-4 record in seven starts is perfectly respectable. But we know that wins and losses rarely tell the whole story where pitching is concerned.

Finally, RIP Art Linkletter.

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One thought on “Wednesday Walewanders: Dickerson, Pulse Checks and the Scherzer Dilemma”

  1. I’m a Dan Dickerson fan. He does call a pretty straightforward game, and seems very knowledgeable about the opposing team, he makes good points, and he isn’t an unrepentant homer. And while his voice is distinctive, it isn’t intrusive (if tht’s the proper word). Now, if we could get Jim Price to tone down his schtick…


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