5 thoughts on “Instant Analysis”

  1. Ian O’Conner’s rash observation on how the Tigers handled the blown call via twitter:

    “Jim Joyce ruins perfect game, but Jim Leyland and Tigers set great example for kids by forming pitchfork-carrying mob around him”

    What a complete joke! How humbling is modern technology! The Tigers handled this with utter class from the top down.


  2. It`s a shame alright, before making any comment I would like to hear Jim Joyce`s opinion on his call. I can`t think of any valid explanation to call the play safe, as we can see from the video the ball reched on time. could it be that Galarraga didnt step on the base?.Neither that seems wright, at least is not what the video tells, in any case this game will be recorded as a memorable one, which finally is as good a prize for Galarraga as it would be a perfect game. Congratulation for my fellow citizen from another Venezuelan who watched the game in Venezuela. Congratulation to you too, for an exellent coverage.


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