The Detroit Tigers Podcast #111

DetroitTigersPodcastAlbum.jpgWelcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast. This is Episode #111 a 60-minute podcast about the Detroit Tigers recorded live from Scottsdale, Ariz., and Asheville, N.C.

In this episode we touch on:

…and much more.

Show Notes

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

One thought on “The Detroit Tigers Podcast #111”

  1. I’m skeptical in the sense that Leyland has made decisions much too late, and that the Tigers for this year are done in. Unfortunately the tatoos stand out more on Brandon Inge than his batting.
    With the poor hitting and even worse fielding consistency, they are reaching a maxed out level of mediocrity. Living in Kernersville, NC, I have to watch live action on ESPN, and in viewing the Tigers at bats, NOTHING is more aggravating than to see them CONSTANTLY take the first strike (that Red circle saying “Strike–looking”). At the beginning of the season they were going to do JUST THE OPPOSITE according to the coaching staff. I sense that the bottom of the batting order, and at times the top part (especially Johnny Damon) simply do NOT have the batting eye, and/or the quickness of wrists, to bat a decent average. Could it be the coach who can be deficient here?
    Bonderman will not make it much longer, and the management will AGAIN go too long before they trade him or make a roster move.
    The likes of Sizemore, Laird, Everett, Inge (yes, him too!), Kelly, Rayburn, Thomas, etc. are simply too expensive a price to keep on the regular roster lineup. TOO MANY LOOPHOLES, don’t you agree? If it’s internal options being too limited, this does NOT bode well for their farm system. The Nationals will soon overtake the quality and performance of this Tiger team. I’m not optimistic.
    Don Knapp


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