From the ‘Truth Hurts’ Department

The Detroit News’ Lynn Henning says outloud what most Tigers fans are probably thinking:

You can be a .500 club and be an interesting break-even team. Or, you can be a .500 team that’s dispiriting and a turn-off.

The Tigers of 2010 are, in this view, definitely interesting. They were intriguing at spring camp, they were a pleasant mystery out of the gate in April, and they will remain a team that will intrigue and entertain for the duration of this season, even if they are the .500 club that was all along envisioned.

Ouch…but true nonetheless.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

2 thoughts on “From the ‘Truth Hurts’ Department”

  1. yeah. I thought 82 wins before the season and I see no reason to think they’ll be on the plus side of that prediction. I am starting to think they’ll fall short of it, though.


  2. I think its time to get a new manager, leyland is to predictable and to conservative, you have to shake things up. None of leylands teams have been able to close the deal, the 2009 team is the most notable.


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