A New Voice Joins The Daily Fungo Roster

You might have noticed from the byline on today’s Tigers-Nationals recap, we’re welcoming a new voice to The Daily Fungo. His name is Wade Fink and I’m looking forward to his contributions here.

I asked Wade to write an introduction post about himself, and here it is …

Originally hailing from West Bloomfield, Michigan, I have spent most of the past three years living in Boston, attending school at Emerson College. I’m entering my Senior year and will earn my degree in Broadcast Journalism in May of 2011.

Since graduating high school, I have been trying to successfully marry my two biggest passions, sports and journalism. Emerson College has allowed me to do that, affording me some amazing opportunities. I have worked for five different radio stations, hosting two sports talk shows in Boston.

I have also been the sports anchor on EIV-TV at Emerson College, as well as making appearances on various other Emerson television shows. I have covered professional sports and been inside professional locker rooms, experiences I hope to share with you at The Daily Fungo. This summer, I am working for the Sean Baligian morning show at WDFN-AM Detroit.

Although I have to spend many months among the cretins that are Boston sports fans, it’s all remedied when I return home for the summer months. I am as passionate a Detroit Tigers fan as any, and am incredibly excited to be a part of The Daily Fungo team.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing than covering my hometown Tigers and interacting with the best fans in the world. I really hope I can provide some insight and fun as the Tigers continue what should be an interesting season.

Welcome aboard, Wade!

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Mike McClary

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