3 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: Choose Your Pitching Trade Target

  1. Dan Haren would be awesome. Signed through 2012, and an option for 2013. We have a great trade history with Arizona (Scherzer/Schlereth for Jackson? STEAL!). Give up Galarraga, Bonderman and some prospects (they seem set on OF, but give em Wilkin Ramirez too) and we’ve got a formidable rotation (JV, Haren, Max, Porcello, Oliver). Maybe we can pry Stephen Drew from them as well…give up Guillen?


  2. None of the above, Stephen Drew.

    I would however, like to see the Tigers aggressively persue Lee in the offseason, if they put up a comparable offer to the Yankee’s(or whoever else wants him) he could prefer the easier matchups and old rivalries of the AL central over the ultra high pressure situation in New York(or where ever he might want to go)


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