Damon, Inge on Jerry Crasnick’s “All-Offensive Laggard” Team

In Jerry Crasnick’s Starting 9 column this week on ESPN.com, he names his mid-season “All-Offensive Laggard” squad — the “hitters for contending clubs who have failed to produce to expectations and need to pick up the pace in the second half to help their teams make the playoffs.”

Brandon Inge
Johnny Damon

Not surprisingly the Tigers — and Johnny Damon and Brandon Inge specifically — are on the list and rank at #5:

The Tigers rank last in the American League in fielding percentage, and their starters have logged the 26th-biggest workload in the majors. Throwing the ball around the diamond indiscriminately and burning out a bullpen aren’t the optimal way to compete for a division title.

It would help if manager Jim Leyland could find someone to take the offensive burden off Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez and Brennan Boesch. The shortstop and catching positions are offensive black holes in Detroit, so the two guys mentioned above [Damon and Inge] need to help pick up the slack after the break.

Nothing we don’t already know. It would be nice if Alex Avila picked it up some more, too.

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