Fungo Pulse Check: Who’s the Tigers’ Biggest Rival?

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6 thoughts on “Fungo Pulse Check: Who’s the Tigers’ Biggest Rival?

  1. As a Tigers fan of over 40 years I would have to say the Twins are the Tigers biggest rival. At one time it may have been the Jays but since the divisional realignments it’s definitely the Twins. That being said I still hate the White Sox.


  2. I hate the White Sox more, but the Twins have to be the Tigers biggest rival, at least of recent years, considering the number of times they’ve edged us out of the playoffs or the division championships.


  3. Definitely agree with Mike that the Twins are the biggest rival based on the number of times they’ve hurt us late in the year. I was 7 years old when I watched the Twins beat the Tigers in the 1987 playoffs, and I will hate the Twins more than any other team the rest of my life.


  4. The Twins may currently be the bigger rivalry, especially after last seasons finale. However, I still detest everything about the ChiSox to a much higher degree tnan the Twins.


  5. I have to agree with Aaron on this one. I think there’s a little more of the bitter hatred between the White Sox and Tigers more so than the Twins. I want the Tigers to beat the Twins when it really counts…I don’t care as much when its meaningless (which is not the case lately). The Tigers could be 20 games ahead of (or behind) the White Sox and I still want them to cream them.


  6. I agree with basically everyone on this.

    I hate the white sox. On general principle if for no other reason. But the Twins strike me as a better rival, though it might be more on our side than theirs.


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