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CLEVELAND, OH—They can because their division is flawed.

They can’t because they are more flawed.

They can because they are only half a game out of first after a tumultuous 80-plus games.

They can’t because they rely heavily on the failure of the other Midwestern teams.

They can because the middle of their order is better, right now, than any other in the American League.

They can’t because the rest of their order is inconsistent and unreliable.

They can because the backend of their bullpen is strong.

They can’t without Joel Zumaya.

They can because Justin Verlander is Justin Verlander.

They can’t because they don’t have enough starting pitching.

They can because of Brennan Boesch.

They can’t because of Gerald Laird and Danny Worth.

They can because they win at home.

They can’t because they lose on the road.

They can because they beat up the Indians.

They can’t because they get beat up by the Royals.

They will because there is something intangible about the course of the season that makes you want to believe it’s their turn.

They won’t because they simply aren’t good enough.