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My View Today4:00PM


Tigers lose 4-3.


Alex Avila was absolutely blown away by three fastballs.  Inexcusable.


Last call.


Chris Perez in for the Indians.


Not an overly impressive line for Fausto Carmona:

7IP, 6H, 3R, 3ER, 3K

Key Stats: 6 Walks, 118 Pitches-66 Strikes

He was behind hitters all-day, and did not have overpowering or particularly deceptive stuff today.  Tigers have been flat through eight.


Inning over on a tapper to third off the bat of Brennan Boesch.

Ryan Perry takes the hill as we head to the ninth, Tigers down 4-3.


After Johnny Damon lead off the eighth with a double, Magglio Ordonez contributed a horrific at-bat, grounding out to third on the first pitch. There is nothing more frustrating than an unproductive out.

Miguel Cabrera followed with a strikeout, which quite possibly could end his hitting streak at 20.

Brennan Boesch is due up with 2-outs, runner on second, as Rafael Perez has taken the mound.

While Perez has been statistically effective in his 32IP, batters are hitting over .300 against him.


After two quick outs, Phil Coke relinquished a double to Matt Laporta, and in a questionable move, Jim Leyland decided to walk Shelly Duncan in the seventh inning to get to Trevor Crowe.

Crowe slapped a single to left, collecting an RBI, but was thrown out at second to end the inning.

I’m trying to figure out the intentional walk with a switch hitter on-deck.  You could just go get Ryan Perry right there to pitch to Duncan.  It seemed rather early to put on another potential run in favor of 15 points in batting average (Duncan .270, Crowe .255).  Not unheard of, though.

Tigers 3 Tribe 4


Phil Coke in for the Tigers.

Verlander’s line: 6IP, 6H, 3R, 3ER, 9SO

Key Stats: 5 walks, 116 pitches, 2 Wild Pitches


That was fantastic base running by Ramon Santiago to advance to second base on the bobble in centerfield by Michael Brantley.  He ran hard the entire way, took a nice turn at first, had the play right in front of him and advanced on the error.  THAT IS BASEBALL!


Good news from the Brandon Inge strikeout: Carmona’s 100th pitch.


35-54 teams thrive on gifts, and the Indians just got a huge one.  Verlander got Nix to end the inning on a foul popout, but damage done, tie game.

Tigers 3 Tribe 3


The dreaded wild pitch has tied this game, Verlander is visibly frustrated and tense on the mound.


Living dangerously again.  A sharp single, blooper and walk have loaded the bases with Jayson Nix up.  Nix is hitting .234 this year.  Brad Thomas is warming in the Tiger Pen.


Credit Fausto Carmona for keeping the Tribe in this game and saving the bullpen.  The Tigers haven’t scored since the first inning, when they collected all their runs on two-out hits.  Since, Carmona has been lights out and kept the Pen fresh for this double-dip day.


This is how hitting streaks end.  Miguel Cabrera was robbed for the second time today, this time by second baseman Jayson Nix.


Absolutely brilliant and gutsy hurling from the Tigers ace, striking out the Indians 4-5 hitters on 8 pitches with 1-out and the bases juiced.

More importantly, I just lost my bet on the Hot Dog Derby, I had the Mustard Dog and the damn Ketchup Dog won.


Gutsy pitch-by-pitch from JV to strikeout Hafner on just three pitches.  All off-speed.


Well we have a little issue here, fellas.  Bases are at capacity with only 1 out and JV is struggling to throw strikes.

Oh, and Pronk’s up. (Travis Hafner’s stupid nickname)


A “Let’s Go Tigers” chant broke out and a round of boos ensued.  It was tough to tell which was louder.

Another inning-killing DP turned against the Tigers, this time on Mags.  That is the third DP in five innings.


Big rebound inning for Justin Verlander.  A quick, 11-pitch, 1-2-3 inning.  Exactly what the doctor ordered.


Not the inning you want following a tough third inning that ended with a potential momentum changing catch.  Carlos Guillen swung at the first pitch of the next half-inning, a big no-no, and the Tigers were out quickly.

Tigers 3 Tribe 2


Austin Jackson just protected the Tigers’ lead with a phenomenal catch in center field.  I don’t know that there are many guys who could have gotten to that ball. Verlander labored through the third, elevating his pitch count to 56.


8-9 hitters Andy Marte and Jason Donald quickly put the Indians on the board with a single-double to start the third inning.  That was followed by a sharp single off the bat of Michael Brantley, which brought around Jason Donald.

Tigers 3 Indians 2


Another rally killing, stellar defensive play by the Indians.  Andy Marte robbed Miguel Cabrera of a hit, which would’ve extended his hit-streak to 21, and an RBI.


Pretty uneventful second inning, though JV did collect his third strikeout and has not allowed a hit. 34 pitches.

Tigers lead, 3-0.


Smooth 1-2-3 inning for JV.  Flyout-Strikeout-Strikeout. 18 pitches.


Carlos Guillen cashed in on a 2-out bases loaded opportunity, giving the Tigers an early 2-0 lead.  And while writing this, Brandon Inge gapped a 2-out double, scoring one, but ending the inning as Carlos Guillen was thrown out at home.  Terrible call by home plate umpire James Hoye.

And the crowd goes wild! Wait, we’re in Cleveland..I think, yeah, yeah, just looked out at the city and saw boring-ness and remembered it’s Cleveland.


Miguel Cabrera’s first attempt at extending his career-high 20-game hit streak ended with a walk.


Shelly “The Butcher” Duncan has never made a play like that in his life.  A diving catch against Magglio saved a run.


The Indians have taken the field, game time temperature is 86 degrees.  Carmona is slinging the ball in his warmup, and his breaker looks nasty, although I did like the Tigers attitude today in the clubhouse and during pregame.

Note: There might be only 12 people in the crowd today, and six of them are Tiger fans.


Asked Dave Dombrowski if Dan Haren was a Tiger yet..he just smiled.

Rod Allen was getting his pre-game dip on in the clubhouse.


The Indians have placed their closer, Kerry Wood, on the 15-day DL and recalled reliever Jensen Lewis to replace him.

Wood is suffering from a blister on his right index finger.


Here’s the Tigers’ lineup for today:

Austin Jackson CF Johnny Damon DH Magglio Ordonez RF Miguel Cabrera 1B Brennan Boesch LF Carlos Guillen 2B Brandon Inge 3B Alex Avila C Ramon Santiago SS

Justin Verlander SP


The Tigers all seem very focused this morning.  They all seem very serious and confident about game one.

Watching Miguel Cabrera take BP is a pleasure.  I’d pay for this.  Austin Jackson is stroking this morning too.


Alright now that I’m settled in, it is an absolutely beautiful day here in Cleveland.  It is way too hot, but no room for complaints as there’s not a cloud in the sky.

I sat on the wrong side of the Press Box, which is usually always a big no-no, but the Cleveland people were very nice about it. They have probably gotten softer since Lebron left.

Tigers are filing into their dugout for warmups, be back soon.


Ramon Santiago was surprised by the heat.

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Ramon also discussed his willingness to play different positions on a daily basis.

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I asked Alex Avila about how difficult it is to win both games in a day/night doubleheader.

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What’s up Fungo readers?  Just walked into the Progressive Field press box where it feels about 10 degrees hotter than the 85 degrees on the field.  Heading down to the locker room now to grab  you guys some pregame action.