Postgame Reaction from the Tiger Clubhouse

Wade Fink is Live at Progressive Field covering all the action for the Tigers’ day/night doubleheader.  Send Wade an email at or post your comments to interact.

The Detroit Tiger clubhouse was extraordinarily somber following their 4-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians this afternoon.

Justin Verlander may have taken the loss the hardest.  He stood at a golf arcade machine, upset when he didn’t make par.  He caught his breath, squelched his anger and finally talked to the media.

Below is audio reaction from around the Tiger clubhouse (Please note: Most of the sound you are hearing is raw, unedited interviews from the locker room.)

Jim Leyland Postgame Reaction: Click Here

Jim Leyland Pregame thoughts going into Game 2 of doubleheader: Click Here

Ramon Santiago Postgame Reaction: Click Here

Gerald Laird Postgame Reaction: Click Here

Justin Verlander Postgame Reaction: Click Here for Part 1 and Click Here for Part 2

Keep refreshing your Fungo homepage, Wade Fink has got coverage of Game 2 of the doubleheader coming up!

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