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Tigers swept by the Cleveland Indians. Pitiful series.

7-2 Final

Fans chanting “sweep” throughout the final at-bat, time for some soul-searching in MoTown.


Another miserable game entering the ninth..any magic?


That jacked up Valverde’s ERA .22

The Indians writers are so happy they scored on Valverde.

Witness (swoosh).


Jose Valverde is getting much needed work, its been nearly a week.


Don Kelly, the perfect leadoff hitter. Everything you could ever want.


When is the Lebron James thing coming down? Will it be anything like the Saddam Hussein statue?


Finally got a break from the Indians defense, and the Tigers got two back.

Even if they drop this one, they need something to build in..I’d say it’d be a big victory to just shut ’em down here, maybe collect another run or two….or win it, either way.


Nice way to snap out of it, Mags.

Tigers 1 Tribe 5, still threatening.


Miguel Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez are a combined 4-for-26 in this series.


The Tigers really need to score some runs. This team is giving up nearly 5rpg and has a team ERA on the wrong side of 4.50. Oh yeah, did I mention that their starter has a 5.70 ERA in the minors?


Bonine’s numbers coming in look pretty:

4-0, 40.2IP, 2.81ERA


Not only did Inge rush that throw, but better awareness allows you to see the dead duck between second and third.

The Tigers are on the brink of disaster here..not just in this game.

Tigers 0 Tribe 5


The infield should have been in there, no question. This team is not scoring runs, the last thing you should be doing is conceding runs. Poor decision.


Bad luck, good pitch to get the ground ball he needed, just happened to be in a tough spot where Guillen couldn’t turn it.


Oliver is consistently behind, this is a disaster waiting to happen. He’s laboring, there is no pace, and he has no command whatsoever. It is a small miracle its only 3-0.

He just issued his fourth walk in four three innings of work.


This is embarrassing.


Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate

If the Tigers cannot beat this guy, who has been massacred in DOUBLE-A, then put that phrase above into google.


Right on cue, beautiful pitch sequence to Peralta.  On top of his curve, stiff with his fastball, got ahead and put him away.


Oliver has no control over his secondary pitches, and its not much better over his fastball either. He is getting behind in counts, putting hitters in predictable fastball situations, and then when he does manage to fight back into the at-bat, his secondary pitches are failing him.

This could be a long afternoon if Andy doesn’t get back on top of his breaking stuff.


Do they care? How do you get picked off on an incredibly slow and deliberate, Double-A move?


Ryan Raburn makes everything look ugly. Hitting, running, and especially fielding. Some of you are consumed by your hate for Brandon Inge–I’m consumed by my loathing of Ryan Raburn’s defense.

So far it looks like the Tigers are taking a mental day off at the plate. They may be pressing..either way, the first eight at bats have been atrocious.


Jhonny Peralta’s home run was not only a joke, but the 6th inside the park home run in Progressive Field history. The last one was Grady Sizemore on April 27th, 2007 vs. Baltimore.

The inside the park home run also marks the latest example of Ryan Raburn’s ability to out do himself one play after the next.

Tigers 0 Tribe 3


Typical offensive inning for this series. A shot by Kelly..right at somebody. A great at-bat from Damon, and then a double play. Standard.


First pitch, 83 Degrees.


The Indians pregame video “pump up” intro is hilariously lame. It features Carlos Santana, Fausto Carmona, Kerry Wood, and Travis Hafner prancing around doing nothing. At one point they actually show a highlight of Hafner hitting a groundball to second.

WITNESS (swoosh).


Since securing enough plate appearances to join league leaders on July 11th, Brennan Boesch has remained fourth in American League batting average (.335).


Lloyd McClendon said this morning there was little book on the Indians starting pitcher, Jeanmar Gomez, who is a Double-A call up.

McClendon said that Gomez has a fastball ranging from 88-91MPH, a slider breaking softly to the outer half, a curveball and changeup.

Gomez threw a perfect game for Akron in 2009, but has been roughed up since moving up to Triple-A, his ERA approaching 6.00.


Miguel Cabrera versus the Tribe:

.332, 13 HRs, 42 RBI in 47 games.

Miguel Cabrera on the road:

.352, 12 HRs, 43 RBI in 42 games. He has the most RBIs on the road of any player in the American League.


The Tigers star rookies are having impressive campaigns. Austin Jackson is tops among all American League rookies with 54 runs scored and 99 hits, and is second in batting average (.304). Brennan Boesch is tops among all league rookies with a .335 average, 12 home runs, 50 RBI and is second with 85 hits.


Starting lineups for today:


Kelly 3B Damon DH Ordonez RF Cabrera 1B Boesch LF Guillen 2B Raburn CF Laird C Worth SS

Andy Oliver SP


Brantley CF Nix 2B Santana C Kearns RF Peralta 3B LaPorta DH Crowe LF Marte 1B Donald SS

Jeanmar Gomez SP


Good Morning, sports fans. Beautiful day at Progressive Field.

The locker room was fairly upbeat this morning, it seemed that a lot of players have put yesterday’s nightmare behind them.

Austin Jackson walked in decked out in Louis Vuitton, while Johnny Damon was in all white, hair glistening, as the rest of the boys chowed down on omelettes getting ready for their on-field pregame.

Spoke with Gerald Laird this morning, click the audio below:

Gerald Laird discusses his injury and moving forward in the season: Click Here