Thinking Man.jpgHere’s a quick thought in the form of a question after tonight’s long-awaited win:

Would there be as much handwringing and angst about the Tigers if it weren’t 10 days before the trade deadline?

If the Tigers had lost seven straight in, say, the first week and a half of May, would we all be so ulcer-ridden?

I’m thinking … no.

An extended slide in the first six weeks of the season wouldn’t have the perceived escape hatch of a mystical trade deadline when all problems can be corrected.

We’d be ticked off, that’s for sure. But the panic, the calls for Jim Leyland‘s head, the outlandish trade wishes? They’d be nowhere near the fever pitch of the past week.

But hey, the Tigers won tonight — and if Johnny Damon hadn’t committed a major baserunning gaffe on Monday, they’d have taken two of three from Texas and we’d all be happy.

The losing streak is over. The Tigers are just three games out. And it’s only July 21.

Life is good.