Whoops (Updated x2)

Being an eternal optimist has made me a much happier person, but even I struggle to find any silver lining in what happened five hours after my last post.

Lynn Henning’s 10-30 prognastication might have gained traction in the real world following the loss of Magglio Ordonez tonight.

Ordonez fractured his right ankle in the Tigers’ 3-2 loss to the Toronto Blue Jays, and will miss 6-8 weeks.

I stand by the notion that the mass hysteria by Detroit media and many fans was baseless and useless, but, barring a trade for perhaps Mike Lowell or Ty Wigginton, it is difficult to stand by my optimism. It certainly didn’t help that Carlos Guillen‘s nagging leg problems forced him out of another game.

Sitting tight, in my eyes, is still not an option for this club as the deadline approaches. What has changed, however, is their priorities. No longer should a starting pitcher be their number one concern. This team needs a middle of the order hitter..and fast.

I suggest Mike Lowell. He should come cheap considering how expendable he is to Boston. He’s a productive hitter who can still play a little third base, and he will be off the books next year. It seems low risk and high reward, two things that will be important to Detroit’s front office.

Bad night, my friends. For other suggestions..I leave it to the people.

Updates (1:45AM):

  1. Magglio’s 2011 $15 million option probably won’t happen, as he is not going to get 540 plate appearances.
  2. ESPN Boston’s Joe McDonald is reporting the Tigers have interest in Boston’s Mike Lowell. The report noticeably lacks mentioning of Magglio’s injury, so I would venture a guess that the interest has become more serious.
  3. Jason Beck, from mlb.com, is reporting that Carlos Guillen will join Magglio on the DL. The Toledo Blade is reporting that the Tigers will purchase the contracts of Jeff Larish and Will Rhymes.

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