Cruel and Unusual

Matt Garza‘s no-hitter reflected the state of the Tigers way more than it did the brilliance of Matt Garza.

And no, I’m not going to mask that statement by saying “not to take anything away from Matt Garza” because, frankly, I am.

That was, without question, the most unimpressive no-hitter I’ve ever seen, including Edwin Jackson‘s hilarious bid.

That sounds incredibly bitter, I know, and I say it at the risk of coming off as a complete homer (which I am), but how frustrating was that?

Whether it was Evan Longoria guarding the line in the second-inning for no reason, Ben Zobrist stumbling like a drunkard and creating his own Web Gem, or the three balls hit 390+ feet to dead center, or the Tigers miserable lineup, it just seemed it was meant to be.

Garza’s fastball was stiff, his breaking pitches were crisp, and his change was devastating. He pitched VERY well. He did not pitch well enough to earn a no-hitter under ordinary circumstances.  These are, however, extraordinary circumstances.

The Tigers had four rookies in their lineup tonight. They offered no semblance of a major league lineup, having only one hitter protected. Their 1-2 hitters were both rookies, while their 6-7-8-9 hitters may as well have been Wade Fink, Mike McClary, Lynn Henning, and this girl. It was like a cruel joke for Tiger fans who have invested so much time and emotion into this team.

And it’s no one’s fault.

Add insult to the injuries. The worst news is that if Dave Dombrowski takes the popular stance amongst Tiger Nation, and sits tight at the deadline, this will not be the last no-hitter thrown against the Tigers in 2010. They were atrocious.

One bat can go a long way into changing the landscape of a lineup. Simply protecting Miguel Cabrera will do wonders. Mike Lowell and Jermaine Dye seemed to me like the lowest-risk, highest-reward players out there, but they are not going to be Tigers. Three games out with two months left of baseball, and hundreds of thousands of tickets to sell gives me reason to believe DD will do something. Anything.

Anyone want to give me 1,000 to 1 on a David Price no-hitter tomorrow?

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