Wednesday Walewanders: Divisional Kindred Spirits, Trade Strategy and Jac LeGoff

spaghetti.jpgSo how’s your week going? You can get a sense of how mine is going based on the first nugget in this week’s collection of thoughts and half-truths.

  • As much as it pains me to make this comparison, the Tigers are almost in the same position in 2010 as the White Sox were at the deadline in 1997.

    The Sox were 53-53 and just three games out on July 31. They traded Danny Darwin, Wilson Alvarez and Roberto Hernandez to the Giants for minor-leaguer Brian Manning, Lorenzo Barcelo, Mike Caruso, Keith Foulke, Bob Howry and Ken Vining.

    I remember that White Sox fans couldn’t believe they’d folded up the tents only three games back. At the end of the season, the Sox finished at 80-81, six games behind the Indians. The next season they finished 80-82, nine games back. In ’99, 75-86, 21.5 games back.

    Are the Tigers headed down the path of the late ’90s White Sox? I don’t think so. I expect their trajectory to be much different direction. Still, it’s interesting to see a somewhat comparable situation in the A.L. Central and how it played out.

    Of course, it’s always fun to revel in any degree of White Sox misery.

  • Last night I watched the Tigers game while hanging out in’s Baseball Tonight Live chat room. The question I was asked about a dozen times was some version of “What will the Tigers do at the deadline?” My answer was always some variation of “nothing major” because, really, what can they do at this point to save this season? Ted Lilly would be nice, yes. So would Adam Dunn. So would Mike Lowell or Kevin Kouzmanoff. The only reasonable
    response to the Tigers’ recent troubles is to get all of these guys, right?

    But they can’t do that. As I’m writing this my thinking is that the strategy has to be all or nothing. And the plan with the best chance for lasting success is the one centered around nothing.

  • I hope Mark Cuban buys the Rangers.

  • How ridiculous is the suspension of Jim Leyland? Almost indescribably so. Leyland and his club has been on the wrong end of umpiring many times this season but this one is the worst. Really, Marty Foster? You thought Leyland was spitting at you? Really, Bud Selig? This is incident is worthy of suspension? Major League Baseball is a joke in so many ways.

  • I was bummed out to learn of the passing of long-time Detroit TV news legend Jac LeGoff. He was a real pro.

  • Only two Rays players — Jason Bartlett and Evan Longoria — have ever faced tonight’s Tigers starter Eddie Bonine. Both are 0 for 1.

Finally, Happy 67th Birthday to basketball Hall of Famer Bill Bradley.

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