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Tigers lose heartbreak. 5-4 Sox.


Things just got really dicey, I don’t agree with walking Youkilis here. If he beats you with a home run than he beats you with a home run, I don’t think you should put the winning run on base under most circumstances.


If Lowrie ties the game, so be it, you cannot walk him.


I’ll make this clear. If it turns out bad, it turns out bad. But Jed Lowrie hitting here is a huge break for the Tigers. I don’t get this at all.


DONNY! I love it.


Perry’s done. Phil Coke in, hustling in from right field with three big outs to get.

In case you missed it, I spoke with Theo Epstein, read the story here.


Again, you cannot allow the bottom of the order to get on base..not the Pirates, not the Red Sox.

This will probably be Perry’s last batter.


Ryan Perry will begin the 9th, not Coke.


Tigers got real quiet after the 4th inning.

Sox have retired 15 of last 18.


I had a feeling it would be Coke in the 9th as I mentioned earlier this afternoon, and it appears it will be.

Not that I’m complaining or anything, but it never fails. Daisuke starts..the game is going on 3 hours and 20 minutes in the 8th inning.


Wow. Victor Martinez does not run well.

Paid Attendance: 37,498

602 consecutive sellouts for the Sox dating back to May 15th, 2003.


Sweet Caroline sung every 8th inning at Fenway..a tradition.

Anyone know how Sweet Caroline relates to the Boston Red Sox? Shout out to the right answer..wafink@gmail.com


Just because I think it bears repeating:

MLive’s Steve Kornacki said the Tigers were on the verge of something big, according to Dombrowski. It would have been something completely “out of the blue.”


Well, Ryan Perry, I’m very impressed with that pitch sequence. Papi sat big red the entire at-bat, and the two cut and misses were breaking and off-speed. Awesome.


Big problem..big..big..big..problem..


It’s never easy..we’ve got trouble folks. You cannot allow 6-7-8-9 to produce two very easy runs like that and expect to win. Now the top of the order is up with a runner on down just 2.


Sox on the board, too bad it came on Scherzer’s line.

Ryan Perry in for Detroit.

Scherzer’s line: 6.1 IP, 9 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K’s, 115 pitches, 74 strikes


MLive’s Steve Kornacki said the Tigers were on the verge of something big, according to Dombrowski. It would have been something completely “out of the blue.”


Huge break for Tigers. Bill Hall thrown out at second on beautiful throw from Don Kelly. Man on third, 1 out, 7th inning.

Scherzer done. Brad Thomas coming in.


Comment: I was so worried about Jim leaving Valverde in there so long last night. I kept yelling at him to bring Perry in just to protect Papa Grande’s arm. However, it’s totally endearing to hear him say he’d throw 100 pitches to get a win. It may come to that, José, it may come to that.

Yeah, don’t want to lose him. But, he wouldn’t want to leave that ballgame.


TV didn’t do that ball justice, Peralta put a charge into that one..it got out there in a hurry.

Daisuke Matsuzaka’s line: 6IP, 7 H, 4 ER, 2 BB, 5 Ks, 1 HR, 108 Pitches, 72 Strikes


A good spot here for some more Peralta damage. Scott Atchison in for Boston.

4 isn’t enough, is it? Last night was crazy..


Boesch’s struggles are really starting to get bad..3 for his last 26, 8 Ks, 1 RBI.

Miguel gets another intentional walk.  Gross.


Tigers did an excellent job today at the plate against Matsuzaka. They were patient and scrappy. Exactly what a young team needs to do. Daniel Richardson enters for the Sox, just called up from Pawtucket.


Spoke with Theo Epstein moments ago, along with Boston media.

Click this sentence to see the story..


Big time pitches from Good Max. Don’t you feel good watching AJax roam around out there?


Good Max is starting to repeat some of the problems he had during his Bad Max stretch. He’s leaving the ball up and not staying on top of the ball. Another tough spot here..


Quiet couple innings..Theo Epstein story coming in a few minutes.


Just your average double play on the scorecard..3-3-6.


Sorry for the delay, I was with reporters speaking to Red Sox President/GM Theo Epstein..details of that coming soon..interesting stuff about the trade market.

Meanwhile, Good Max is into his 5th inning of work..


Mail Bag

Emailer: Pete

Why wouldn’t they deal at the deadline..this team isnt good enuf to win at as they are..

I agree. Dombrowski was in a very difficult situation, though. You cannot mortgage your entire future for a guy who may only be here for 50-60 games. At the same time, you should never give up on “the now.” So I think DD found one cheap, potentially helpful deal with Peralta, but upon being active today, couldn’t find anything worth it. I’ll say this, Pete, the White Sox and Twins will wait for the Tigers..I promise you. Detorit just needs to string together some wins.


Santiago collects another RBI, slapping one down the line. Love ’em.

My media credential says, “No Autographs.” Does that happen? I’d be so embarrassed.


Scherzer is grinding along, but approaching 60 pitches.

Dave Dombrowski just made an appearance in the press box–appeared to be in a very good mood, all smiles–perhaps relieved the phone calls are done for now.


Scherzer is throwing way too many pitches, getting himself into very predictable counts. I’m a terrible scorekeeper, but I’m fairly certain all three Red Sox hits have been with two strikes. Big jam here with big names coming up.


Ryan Kalish gets his first major league hit and gets a standing ovation. Now how come when I covered my first major league games a few weeks ago I didn’t get a stand O? Or did you guys at home? I should get the Indians PR people to send me the pen I used, put it in a case..


The Red Sox official trade was Ramon Ramirez to SF Giants for minor league pitcher Daniel Turpen. I’m sorry for telling you that, I don’t care either.


Galarraga will likely make his next start after taking a line drive to the ankle off the bat of Kevin Youkilis last night.

In other news, Daisuke Matsuzaka is really visibly frustrated on the mound and hes over 50 pitches in less than three innings of work.


Tigers made push at Adam Dunn, but in the end, Nationals wanted too much. DD will most assuredly make a push for him this winter. $58 million, by my count, coming off the books.


Other than a terrible 0-2 pitch to Victor Martinez, a real nice inning for Scherzer. Induced a couple soft ground balls.

Tigers 3, Sox 0. End 2.


Adrian Beltre now resposible for a run because of an error, and a potentially inning killing 6-4-3 double play. We get breaks, too! Sometimes..


Good to see the Tigers at least come away with one from that threat.

Red Sox acquired Jarrod Saltalamacchia from the Texas Rangers for a few minor leaguers and cash.


That’s why I love Ramon Santiago. He’s such a valuable, scrappy ballplayer, especially because he’s so cheap. Fought off a tough breaking pitch and muscled it into center. Frazier also displayed very above-average speed on the bases.

Tigers 3, Sox 0. Top 2.


First major league hit for Jason Frazier.

I’m sure you’ve heard a few things about Frazier, but just so you can see it in print:

Toledo: .273, 23 HR, 68 RBI, 68 R, 32 Doubles in 104 games. Lead the International League in Doubles, Total Bases, and Extra-Base Hits. He was slugging .527.


Not good/not terrible first inning for Scherzer. Went too deep in counts with good hitters at the plate, but got Youkilis to pop out on a good 3-2 moving fastball up in the zone. Papi hit a rocket to left, though, on the same pitch.

Don’t know if its good Max or bad Max, yet.


Peralta put a nice swing on an 0-2 pitch, Daisuke’s stuff looks really ordinary, but he takes an EXTRAordinary amount of time to throw the ball..there should be a rule against this..the Matsuzaka Rule.


Cabrera may have just hit that ball 500 feet, cleared the monster, the stadium, maybe even I-93.

Tigers 2, Sox 0. Top 1


Tigers done. Peralta and Wilkin Ramirez the only action.


Game is underway, Daisuke deals incredibly slow..K’s Jackson to start game.


Wilkin Ramirez was traded to the Braves for cash considerations or a player to be named. Ramirez was once a touted Tiger prospect.


The Tigers have traded Wilkin Ramirez to the Braves..details coming


Boston Reliever Ramon Ramirez has been traded to the San Francisco Giants

Dustin Richardson replaces him on roster…details coming on trade


Tim: Well no noise on the trade deadline for Detroit today……

It’s been absolutely dead silent around the clubhouse and press box. Give it about a half hour for all the reports to come in, I’ll let you know if we are privy to an info..


Omg, now it’s Pirates of the Carribean theme music..I hate this city.

Deadline passed, wait about a half hour to see if anything else was done.


They are playing the song “Boston” by Augustana, honest to God, this city has more of an inferiority complex than we do. Are you kidding? Listen to this song, is this something you play before a baseball game? It’s a depressing song about moving on in life.. It’s like “Oh listen, people are talking about Boston, we should probably play it ’cause we’re in Boston..”

Listen here


Will Rhymes is just so excited to be here, he stopped to sign an autograph 10 minutes before game. How adorable. 4 minutes to deadline.


Ryan Kalish called up from Triple-A Pawtucket and placed into starting lineup for Jeremy Hermida, who has been designated for assignment.


Less than 15 minutes until the trade deadline. All is quiet here, I’ve literally heard NOTHING from either Sox or Tigers. Sounds like they are both going to be quiet.


Mail Bag

Emailer: A Concerned Tigers Fan

Hey Wade,
Long time reader, first time emailer… i was curious what your thoughts were on the green monster.  Is it really that scary? lol Eat em up tigers, eat em up!!!!
Brennan Boesch’s First Half Swing

I’m concerned, too. As far as the Monster goes, this is the dumbest stadium in sports now that the Metrodome is gone. I’m all for history and junk, but my god, people are sitting behind polls, the sits are made for a pre-obese nation, and the locker rooms smell like dog crap.

Eat ’em up!

Emailer: Inge’s Lover

Wade, Haven’t you written that you hate Boston, now you’re schmoozing with those (expletive)s…

Yeah, I’ve never been treated so poorly than in this press room. I wonder what it’s like to be so miserable 24/7. Great city with 80% jerks. But it makes the nice people all the more special.


Brian: Assuming that Valverde’s a no-go for today, you think Perry will close it out if it gets to that point?

Hey, Brian.

Yeah, Papa Grande is unavailable after throwing 60 pitches last night but he told me on the elevator he’d throw 100 pitches tonight to keep winning.

I think it depends on the situation, I didn’t get a chance to ask Leyland what he would do with a lead in the 9th, but just based on what I know/have seen I would say he’d be comfortable going to Coke or Perry. Definitely Coke if the top of the order is coming up.


Here are the lineups:


Jackson CF, Rhymes 2B, Boesch RF, Cabrera 1B, Peralta 3B, Kelly LF, Frzier DH, Laird C, Santiago SS

Scherzer SP


Scutaro SS, Drew RF, Youkilis 1B, Ortiz DH, Martinez C, Beltre 3B, Hall 2B, Hermida LF, McDonald CF

Matsuzaka SP


Just got back from the field, couple things I noticed:

  1. Carlos Guillen looked good in the field. He seemed to be favoring his leg on his toss from short to first, but he moved gingerly and was smooth.
  2. Austin Jackson spent much of his time in the batting cage pushing the ball to right field. Guess that explains why his OPS is 1.230 and he’s hitting .508 when he hits a ball to right field.
  3. Miguel Cabrera slammed 3 balls out of Fenway Park. Not just into the stands, cleared the Monster and the stadium out towards the highway. He drew a cheer from the crowd and proceeded to take a big bow.
  4. Don Kelly’s batting practice was as painful as any of his in-game at bats.


Jeff: Let’s hope today’s game ends a little better than last night’s.

That was nasty last night.  I was trying to think if it’s deflating to a team to win that way, or if makes the win even more meaningful. Can’t decide.


Just set up in the Fenway Press Box. It’s packed with media and extraordinarily confined quarters. Headed to the field to watch the Tigers warmup, I’ll get you some pregame tidbits soon. Make sure to keep in touch with me at wafink@gmail.com!