Postgame Reaction from Tigers’ Clubhouse

Wade Fink was in the locker room following the Tigers’ unbelievably heartbreaking loss to the Boston Red Sox on Saturday. Take a listen.

Below are the reactions from the Tigers clubhouse. Terrible game, folks. You’re not supposed to lose those ones. We’ll talk further later, but for now click the individual links for sound.

Jim Leyland 1

Jim Leyland 2

Jim Leyland 3

Jim Leyland 4

Don Kelly 1

Don Kelly 2

Austin Jackon 1

Austin Jackson 2

Max Scherzer

Phil Coke

3 thoughts on “Postgame Reaction from Tigers’ Clubhouse

  1. Tigers are 22nd in ERA, 20th in WHIP, 23rd in strikeouts, and 16th in saves, and before the deadline, to bolster their fading hopes, they do what? Pick up Johnny Peralta! Clearly Tiger management is throwing in the towel on this year. What a shame. There was so much potential and optimism. Thanks for dashing our hopes by playing possum with your roster.


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