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Disgusting. I’ll be back with postgame sound soon.


A terrible call, but inexcusable to walk a guy that is trying to give you an out. This team makes you nauseous.

Robbie Weinhardt in for Detroit.


Jed Lowrie has had back-to-back games with very good 2-strike, 9th inning ABs.


Bonus baseball with Brad Thomas and without Miguel Cabrera…yay!


Cabrera would have scored on the Peralta hit, now you lose him offensively. Stupid decision. I would agree that under normal circumstances you could, at least, justify doing it (even though I’d do it under no circumstance), but with this lineup you just have to take your chances.

Very bad decision.


Now finish it!


Pinch-running for Miggy there is a dreadful decision. If you tie it, he’s not in the lineup, you may as well not tie it. The difference in speed between him and Kelly is not enough to justify a pinch runner.

Boesch looked horrific.


How much further could you possibly hit a ball? Are you kidding? I hate this stadium. I hate this city. I hate this team. Come on Brennan.



Hate Papelbon!!!!! -Nick

Maybe they’ll bring in Papelbon to blow it. -Jeff


How sweet would this be, guys? Against the absolute biggest d-bag in baseball, Papelbon? They are jamming to the song “Shipping Up to Boston” right now. I will love this. One time?


Walk him, haha.


Two guys on for Miggy would be fun..


Rally caps!


Attendance at Fenway: 37,479. That is the 603rd straight sellout dating back to May 15, 2003.


Brad Thomas in for Detroit. Thank God, right?

Bucholz will probably finish this game.

Verlander’s line: 7 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 8 K, 123 pitches, 79 strikes


JV has quietly retired the last 12 Red Sox. 122 pitches..wouldn’t be completely shocked if went out there. Daniel Bard loosening for Sox. Gonzalez and Thomas for Detroit.

Alex Avila LOVES ground balls.


K Mills: so peralta has a 7 million $ option for next year, do you think the tigers pick it up? i think the more realistic thing to do is to reject the option and re-sign him for a cheaper price say 3 yrs/12 million. thoughts?

Truthfully I think the Tigers will exercise their option of a $250,000 buyout and cut ties with Peralta. That barring some sort of monster 60 games.

By my count the Tigers have $58 million or so coming off the books next year. There are a ton of options in free agency, and a lot more important free agents within their own clubhouse than Jhonny P. I think he was simply a guy DD could get cheap and maybe keep this teams head above water until Magglio, Brandon and Carlos got back.

Overall, I’d say its highly unlikely they keep him next year.


Well time to answer mail/comments ’cause this game is atrocious.


Emailer: Jock Jam

What it do?’ why wudnt the tigers make a move at the dadline fans deserve it..

I wish they would’ve too, but the problem was this particular year is very transitional and you have to be very cautious of what you give away. I really believe Dombrowski when he says that he tried to get something dad, and he was “active” in talking to people. There aren’t many people in this world that are more competitive than DD and Ilitch. But they were both conscious of the fact that they have built a very good farm system, they have a ton of holes, and if they play their cards right, will have a really good team over the next decade. Risking that for Adam Dunn, Prince Fielder, Dan Haren, Ted Lilly..whoever was not worth it in the end. He tried to find something that wouldn’t cost them as much, but could not find a good value.


Ryan Raburn..bad player? or worst player ever?


Ozzie Guillen, Jr., Ozzie’s son, just tweeted that his dad is a genius.

I just wanted to respond by saying, your dad is loud.


The White Sox are up 4-0 and Gavin Floyd has a perfect game.

Meanwhile, the Tigers trail the Red Sox 3-0 against ace Clay Bucholz who has only thrown 66 pitches threw 5 innings.

Should this hold up, the Tigers will be 7 games behind, a number that even the most optimistic Tiger fans will be sick over.


And no longer a double perfect game..but Floyd’s is still intact..


Correction: Gavin Floyd for the White Sox in the midst of the double perfect game right now…not Danks.


The Neanderthal just stuck his glove out and belly flopped on the ground. I love when fat guys make plays look so much harder than they are.


Peralta’s double was only the third hard hit ball of the game for the Tigers.


Double perfect game going on in Chicago, Danks v. Gonzalez through 5 innings.


That helped a little bit. 10 pitch inning. I don’t see them scoring on Bucholz, need their pen..need him to start “laboring,” J Hull.


And yes, he is getting squeezed pretty good. Very close pitches..his stuff has been decent, though, at least..


J Hull: When you say “laboring” what exactly do you mean? Throwing way too many balls? He’s getting squeezed pretty good.

Labor as in, burden..tire..excessive. Too many balls, too many pitches, a lot of work, tiring..all-encompassing phrase.


74 pitches for Verlander and only 42 of them for strikes. Meanwhile the Red Sox lead 3-0, and have left six runners on base in only three innings.


This is starting to reflect a little bit on coaching. Cabrera should make that play, and Jackson’s ball should never get to the plate. I’d love for you to keep reading my blog, but I’ll tell right now there’s a very good chance this gets out of hand. JV is approaching 70 pitches and the Tigers have no Perry, Coke or Valverde.

Red Sox 3, Tigers 0


Mail Bag

Emailer: RQ

jv looks horrible..

I thought he’d settle in..his stuff is good, he is just laboring wayyyyy too much.


Team struggling to score runs has to manufacture, and that is something Jim Leyland is way too stubborn about. One way or another, you need to move baserunners when you are not scoring. Double play after double play…


Said it last night, say it again today. You cannot allow 7-8-9 to produce runs and expect success. Will Rhymes has to make that play.


Ryan Raburn plays defense after this…


JV is laboring again. It’s completely unnecessary and just jacks up his pitch count. He has good enough stuff to stay in the zone..must be mental.


God you just gotta feel for Brennan Boesch, the kid cannot catch a break. It’s like they have 14 defenders out there on his ABs.


He should settle in nicely after getting out of that jam. God I love Austin Jackson. I have told you that? I love the man. Man crush. Big one.

Shout out to my boy, big Detroit fan, and immensely talented hockey commentator Jeff Hancock. He told me the reason the Red Sox play “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th inning every game is for Caroline Kennedy. He also said JV is going 12 innings today.


I don’t like this Verlander. The one who throws way too many pitches, and gets himself in trouble.

I want the other Verlander. The one who strikes out Youkilis and Ortiz back-to-back.


The sun is absolutely brutal out there, can’t blame Ramon. I was out on the field earlier this morning and there are no clouds making the sun really tough.


Re: Jhonny Peralta at shortstop

Highly unlikely they will move him to shortstop upon Inge’s return.

Re: Damon and Valverde

I suppose there’s no harm in trying, but there is absolutely zero chance either of them clear waivers. You have to remember that you get no value from a player who is claimed on waivers. You don’t want to lose a valuable closer for next year, and Damon’s contract comes off the books next year anyways. It’s not going to happen. They won’t get anything back, no point.


Wow, time flies. You guys put me to work this morning. Thank you for all your emails and thanks J Hull and K Mills for  your comments. Keep ’em coming, I’ll do the best I can.

Red Sox on the field. Just an awesome game today. Two amazing right handers, two injury riddled and two teams battling for a series win.


Hilarious first pitch, this girl will be a highlight on SportsCenter all night. She threw it from the mound close to the Tigers dugout..no exaggeration.


K Mills: who do you think DD is targeting for the waiver wire period? and when does that whole process even start; putting a player through waivers, claiming a players, ect?

Well it’s very difficult to predict the waiver period. Firstly, the waiver period begins now.

Basically, a team can put a guy on waivers. Then, all major league teams have two business days to put a “claim” in. If there is one or more claims put in on a guy, the team has an option to rescind their decision to put him on waivers, but if they don’t, the player’s contract goes to the team who claimed him. If multiple teams place claims, the team lower in the standings gets the player.

Now if a player clears waivers, there are a couple options. He can be sent to the minors, he can be traded (even after the deadline), or he can just stay put. There is a lot of strategy of who you put on the waiver wire and when. Teams are allowed to put seven players per day on waivers, so a TON of players are put on waivers. Some teams are just hoping big contracts are claimed to dump salary, while others are trying to make desirable players available to get value from teams looking to make a deep postseason run.

Depending on where the Tigers are in the standings, I’d imagine DD will look for the same thing he looked for at the non-waiver deadline. They need offensive help, they need relief help, and they may need another starter. Adam Dunn probably won’t be available until December, but Manny Ramirez could be had. You know as well as I do that it’s going to depend where the Tigers are at after their series with the ChiSox.


J Hull: Any indications on what the blockbuster deal entailed yet?

Hey, J. DD won’t say who it was, and the rumors flying around the press box are kind of reckless. Based on what the market looked like yesterday, talking to some people around here, and knowing who some teams were quietly shopping, I would say he was talking about Manny Ramirez or possibly even Hanley Ramirez. But, that’s wild speculation, we’ll probably never know. Matter of fact, it very well could’ve been some DD marketing because most GMs that are as active as DD will get very close on multiple deals only to have them fall through. Red Sox GM Theo Epstein told me yesterday that the Sox were close on “3-4” deals, but could not get them done. I kind of think he wants people to think he was trying, which he probably didn’t need to do because, given his track record, we know he doesn’t sit tight. It was a very tough situation for him to be in yesterday. All that said, how nice would Hanley or Manny be right about now?


Here are some pregame tidbits:

  1. Johnny Damon said he feels better, but is not in the starting lineup today.
  2. Jose Valverde is unavailable again today, as are relievers Phil Coke and Ryan Perry. So pretty much the backbone of the bullpen. Don’t know who will pitch the 9th, considering none of the other relievers available have any experience. My guess is Gonzalez.


Anywayyy, good morning Tiger fans, just set up, about to head down and grab some fun facts for you from the clubhouse. In the meantime, here are the lineups:


Austin Jackson CF, Will Rhymes 2B, Ryan Raburn LF, Miguel Cabrera 1B, Brennan Boesch RF, Jhonny Peralta 3B, Jeff Frazier DH, Alex Avila C, Ramon Santiago SS

Justin Verlander SP


Marco Scutaro SS, J.D. Drew RF, Kevin Youkilis 1B, David Ortiz DH, Victor Martinez C, Adrian Beltre 3B, Ryan Kalish LF, Jed Lowrie 2B, Eric Patterson CF

Clay Bucholz SP


Good morning. Two simple, casual, routine, nice, harmless words. Good morning. A typical greeting. No one in this in ballpark says good morning to each other. It’s unbelievable. Thank God Jason Beck, Steve Kornacki, Tom Gage and a few Boston friends are here, otherwise, no one would acknowledge me. This city is nasty. I’ve been going to school here for three years and it never fails to shock me how rude people on the east coast can be.