Friday Freehans: Central Division Nemeses, Contract Consumption, and Retired Numbers

BillFreehan.jpgSo I came to southern California for some family events and hoped to catch an Angels or Padres game during some down time.

As luck would have it, the Angels are in Detroit and the Padres in Phoenix. There’s a chance that I can make one of the Padres/Pirates games next week.

But enough about me:

  • We all know that Paul Konerko is one of the A.L. Central opponents that flat-out own the Tigers. I finally had the guts to check it out for myself. Here are Konerko’s stats against the Tigers:

    • 184 Games
    • 199 hits
    • 37 HR
    • 137 RBI

    Ouch. But, really, after all these years isn’t it time Tigers pitchers figure out how to pitch to the guy — or not?

  • It’s great to see David Chadd get a nice promotion and additional duties. He’s done a nice job in turning around the Tigers’ lousy drafting since he came over from the Red Sox organization. Now, if he can just select a few position players that can make a difference at the big-league level…

  • In case you were wondering, Jhonny Peralta is hitting .247 for the Tigers since the trade. Nice.

  • By eating the contracts of Damion Easley, Gary Sheffield and Dontrelle Willis, I wonder if the Tigers have the appetite for Carlos Guillen‘s pact? When the guy’s healthy he’s just not the player he was as recently as 2007. When he’s hurt he’s of no use. What do you think?

  • If you have any interest in who in the world of baseball is having a birthday, I created a Twitter account so that I can post random and obscure birthdays each day. You can follow it here.

  • Former Tigers outfielder Luis Gonzalez is set to have his number 20 retired this weekend by the Diamondbacks. (He wore 28 with the Tigers.) In eight season with the D-backs, Gonzalez hit .298 with 224 home runs. During his single season in Detroit (1998) he hit .267 with 23 homers. Here’s a list of other players that spent time in Detroit and have their numbers retired by other clubs:

    It’s too bad that the Reds feel that Sparky’s number should be retired but the Tigers’ brass doesn’t. Bush league.

Finally, wish a Happy 77th Birthday on Saturday to the great tech writer and novelist Jerry Pournelle.

Have a great weekend.

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