Here’s a few email/comment responses and some some stats to rub some salt in our wounds.

A Few Pieces of Mail:

I got a few emails about this too, so I guess there is some concern over this topic, let me quote Ron:

Ron: Wade, you are missing an important point. The tigers have ZERO position player prospects. NONE. How can you write an article like this an overlook that key point?

I suppose I could have touched on the farm system a little bit, but I definitely didn’t “overlook” it. “Overlook” carries the connotation that I ignored it, or didn’t want to address it. If anything, it would have helped my argument.

The Tigers have made a concerted effort to stockpile high-ceiling high school power arms, and they’ve done a pretty nice job of it. I guess if you are saying they don’t have a lot of A+ superstar position players in their farm system then, uh, yeah, you’re right. It would be nice to have, mostly because it adds depth, but it is not the end all be all in evaluating a team. They do have serviceable minor-league talent in Cale Iorg, Scott Sizemore, Ryan Strieby, Daniel Fields and other guys with upside. None of them will slug .600, but they are good defensively and can probably fill out an order. Their big prospects, though, are major league ready (Jackson, Boesch, Sizemore). They are going to add bats in the off-season and with their plethora of pitching, they have a lot of room to deal for young position players. It’s not a concern of mine. It’s important, but the system is pretty strong right now in the sense they have a lot of options. The Orioles arguably have one of the best systems in baseball, are you ready to crown them champs? Farm systems are very difficult to judge unless you are there day in and day out. What they do have, without question, are a lot of highly-rated arms, and that gives you a lot of strength in the market.

Emailer: Ace in the window

Why not pick up Peralta’s option?

I’m going to backtrack on this a tiny bit, because last week I told K Mills that it’s highly unlikely Jhonny Peralta will be a Tiger next year. Let me change that to just “unlikely.” Watching him play shortstop today made me think twice..he didn’t look like a lost cause out there. And his offensive numbers are definitely serviceable for a shortstop. That said, $7 million is very difficult to justify, and I still don’t think they Indians would deal him so cheaply if they thought he could still play shortstop. If he can’t play SS then he is completely useless. I’m still holding out hope for Hanley.

Since the All-Star Break:

  • Brennan Boesch: 10-for-84 (.119 avg.), 1 HR, 5 RBI, 21 Ks
  • Jose Valverde: When pitching more than 1.0 innings: 18.40 ERA
  • The Tigers are averaging 2.86 runs per game


“I’m not normal that way,” Mike Ilitch said. “I’ll spend.” (Freep).