Tigers Timeout: Visiting the Padres’ Petco Park

IMG00052-20100810-1725.jpgWhile the Tigers were getting their heads handed to them by the Rays last night, I attended my first game at San Diego’s Petco Park and it took me all of about 90 seconds to decide that it’s now my favorite ball park.

Going in, Coors Field ranked at the top with Comerica Park number two. This morning they all get pushed down a notch by the Padres dazzling stadium. Everything from the materials used in constructing it, to the landscaping to the concessions make it my clear number one.

Inside the Western Metal Supply Co. building down the left field line there’s a neat exhibit about the history of San Diego baseball as well as a chronology of Padres history.

And, inside the Padres Team Shop you can walk down to field level and watch batting practice from behind the fence in left field. Way cool.

As luck would have it, former Tigers lefty Wil Ledezma was shagging flies — about two hours before he was giving up Ryan Ludwick’s second homer of the game.

So, here are my top-five ballparks…for now:

  1. Petco Park
  2. Coors Field
  3. Comerica Park
  4. Angels Stadium
  5. Dodger Stadium

What are your favorites?

P.S. The Padres won, 4-1.

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Mike McClary

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One thought on “Tigers Timeout: Visiting the Padres’ Petco Park”

  1. My favorite part of Petco is the kid’s baseball field inside the park, just beyond center field. On a day game from the right seats you can see kids and pros both playing ball at the same time.


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