4 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: Should the Tigers bring back Jhonny Peralta in 2011?

  1. If it means picking up the $7 million option, then there is no way that he is worth that. He has struggled at the plate all season (except for a few recent HRs, but his average has still stunk lately, and he has no plate discipline), and he cannot play defense. Not a good idea with an infield that figures to feature Cabrera and Guillen already. Inge hits about as well, but with infinitely better defense, will almost certainly cost less than $7 million, and is a Tigers lifer. Bring back him!


  2. Nick Castellanos won’t be in the mix until at least 2013 and even that may be a year too soon. Inge actually has a better approach at the plate now than he did last year. Not nearly as many “all or nothing” at-bats according to Jerry Crasnick. Looking at available FAs this offseason it would sure seem to make sense to bring them both back and upgrade the OF hitters.


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