Tram Won’t Manage Cubs … This Year or Next

TramRookie.jpgAnyone watching the Cubs organization over the past few years could see the grand plan: let Lou Piniella serve out his contract then hand the reins to Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, who has been managing in the Cubs system for the past few years.

Tigers fans who paid any attention to the situation probably hoped that Piniella’s bench coach, Alan Trammell, would be considered for the Cubs job when Lou moved on.

Well, Cubs GM Jim Hendry put the kibosh on that happening when he named third-base coach Mike Quade as manager for the rest of 2010.

In selecting Quade, the team didn’t choose bench coach Alan Trammell, who was 1-4 as an interim manager during Piniella’s absence earlier this season. General manager Jim Hendry said in a news conference on Sunday that Trammell would not be considered as a successor to Piniella.


Hendry said he decided over the past few weeks that Trammell would not be considered for the job on a full-time basis. He said he discussed that with Trammell on Sunday, and that he understood.

“He’s happy for Mike, and he wants to stay and help Mike,” Hendry said of Trammell. “Since I had already made a decision that Alan wasn’t going to manage next year, I thought that we would be better served by him not being the manager for the rest of the season.”

I never thought Trammell would get the Cubs job. With rumors circulating that Joe Torre or Joe Girardi could be interested in the job — along with Sandberg seeming like the heir apparent — Tram’s chances looked bleak.

Now you have to wonder if he’ll get another managing job. Is he still so tainted by the miserable 2003-05 seasons at the Tigers’ helm that even four seasons sitting beside one of baseball’s best managers isn’t enough to show he’s more seasoned? It would appear so.

If I had to guess, the best chance for Trammell to land a manager’s job is with his hometown San Diego Padres — whenever Bud Black moves on. But now the Padres seem to be on the winning track which means Black is likely around for a while.

And Tram’s wait will continue.

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