Two for Tuesday: Damon Decisions, Ordonez Operations

Thoughts on the news out of Comerica Park today:

  1. Damon.jpgJohnny Damon. I don’t care that the Tigers are going nowhere this season, Damon has been a good soldier for the Tigers and, based on what we read, he’s provided clubhouse leadership and mentorship for a youthful team. As of this writing, the Tigers are running roughshod over the Royals and likely to return to the .500 mark. With Damon’s decision to stay, he makes the Tigers a better team by his mere presence if not his on-field production. Right now we can only hope that this once-promising season ends with the Tigers north of .500 and they have a much better chance of achieving it with number 18 in the lineup.

  2. OrdonezHead.jpgMagglio Ordonez. Over the past week the Tigers have been hinting that we might not see him again this season given the stubbornness of his healing ankle. This afternoon we learned that he’s having surgery in Los Angeles and indeed won’t return in 2010. And that flat-out stinks. Ordonez deserves a much better send off from Tigers fans than the one he received as he was helped off the field after fracturing his right ankle on July 25. I, for one, would like to see him back next season on a one-year deal. Given the choice between Ordonez and Carlos Guillen at designated hitter, I’d much rather have Magglio. (You can weigh in on our latest Flash Poll and let us know if you think the Tigers will bring Ordonez back in 2011.)

By the way, today’s the 54th birthday of former heavyweight contender Gerry Cooney.

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2 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Damon Decisions, Ordonez Operations”

  1. Maggs is clearly the better choice, unless the Tigers are looking for someone to hold down that DL spot.

    I know it’s not my money, but I’d love to see them eat the last year of Guillen’s contract and bring back both Damon and Ordonez (both at significantly less money than we paid them this year). Of course, with Boras as their agent, and the possibility that the Tigers will make a run at Crawford, that may not be possible.


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