Saturday Snacks: A Mea Culpa Trio

Now that we’re in the final month of the season I suppose it’s time to call myself out on some declarations, predictions and general comments I made earlier this season that amounted to a whole lot of nothin’. In no particular order…

  1. Inge.jpgBrandon Inge. I owned up to this one on the podcast with Ian earlier this week. At the start of the season I proclaimed that if Inge could just hit .250, I’d be delighted. After a cold start, he’s been hitting around — and over — .250 for most of the season. Starting play tonight Inge is hitting .255. So I need to stop my complaining about his shortcomings.
  2. 86 Wins. Was I nuts to think that a Tigers team with two rookies in the Opening Day lineup, Placido Polanco in Philadelphia and questions galore surrounding the back-end of the rotation? Perhaps. But the Tigers weren’t going to be that much worse in 2010 than they were last year right?


    Anyway, they need to win 19 of their last 27 games to finish with 86 wins. Looking at the schedule between now and Oct. 6 — even with a few servings of Kansas City, Cleveland and Baltimore — that seems a tough row to hoe.

  3. TargetField.jpgThe Twins’ Karma Correction at Target Field. “Just wait,” I said. “Things will all even out when the Twins play outdoors,” I said.


    Minnesota is 43-23 at home. Only the Yankees, Braves and Rockies have better home records. The Tigers, though, aren’t far behind the Twins this season: 43-25 at home.

    Still, the Twins have proven to me that they used the Metrodome to their advantage. They’re an outstanding club no matter where they play.

    And it hurts to write those words.

There. I feel better now.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

One thought on “Saturday Snacks: A Mea Culpa Trio”

  1. I feel your pain, Mike. I’m going to owe my friend a steak dinner if the Tigers miss the playoffs… Guess I’ll change that to WHEN they miss the playoffs…


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