Here Comes Jim Joyce! (Big Whoop)

UmpStrikeCalledXSmall.jpgIs this news?

I don’t think so. A curiosity, maybe. But umpire Jim Joyce returning to Comerica Park for the first time since June reminds me of the hullabaloo around pitchers fielding practice on the first day of Spring Training 2007.

There will be lots of cameras clicking, more than a few replays of the infamous call at first base and some Baseball Tonight footage that packages the blown call, the outrage and the lineup card exchange love fest the following day. But, hopefully, this will be the extent of the coverage.

Thinking back today on the initial reaction to Armando Galarraga losing a perfect game, it seems pretty overdone.

I’m the first to admit that I immediately thought Bud Selig should’ve overturned the call and that Joyce should not be allowed to umpire the series finale the following day. But the death threats and crank calls to Joyce’s home — or, in many cases, the crank calls to the wrong Jim Joyce — was not baseball fans’ finest hour.

Three months later, I prefer to think of Austin Jackson’s dazzling ninth-inning catch than anything else that happened that day.

But that’s me. What do you think?

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Mike McClary

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One thought on “Here Comes Jim Joyce! (Big Whoop)”

  1. Time has passed, but here’s what the Tiger management should do. Show the replay on the big screen between every inning (all 9). That way Jim Joyce would know that what he did is still unforgiveable. If he pulled the crap that he did against Galarraga back in the 70s in Tiger Stadium. . .he would have NEVER been allowed to forget it.


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