The Detroit Tigers Podcast #122: Interview with Mickey Bradley, co-author of “Field of Screams”

DetroitTigersPodcastAlbum.jpgWelcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast. This is Episode #122 a 35-minute podcast about the Detroit Tigers.

In this episode we talk with Mickey Bradley, co-author, along with Dan Gordon, of Field of Screams: Haunted Tales from the Baseball Diamond, the Locker Room, and Beyond.

It’s the sequel to their 2007 book titled Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, and Eerie Events. Both are published by Lyons Press.

You can learn more about both books at and

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Theme music for the podcast produced by Paul Minshall.

The Detroit Tigers Podcast is not affiliated in any way with the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club or Major League Baseball.

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Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

One thought on “The Detroit Tigers Podcast #122: Interview with Mickey Bradley, co-author of “Field of Screams””

  1. Mike, a very interesting and entertaining podcast with Mickey Bradley. I wonder if the Ghosthunters that were used were affiliated with the Ghosthunters on the Sci-Fy channel. Anyways, Cobb, and other old time Tigers, The last game at Tiger stadium I read that Kaline told Fick he would hit a homerun. Kaline had a premonition or something(Cash told him?).
    It would be great if you could get Kaline or Willie Horton or another oldeer retired ex-Tiger to do a podcast with you. These are most enjoyable. Thankyou, Ron


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