Three for Thursday: Cabrera’s Walks, Porcello’s Resurgence and Ed Begley’s Birthday

Number3.jpgThe Tigers make their final trip to Chicago this weekend. It’s our last look at Ozzie, Pierzynski, Konerko, et al, until 2011.


  1. Between now and October 3, Miguel Cabrera will probably blow past the American League record for intentional walks. He has 30 now and Ted Williams’ mark of 34 during the 1957 season doesn’t stand a chance.

  2. Yesterday Buster Olney wrote about Rick Porcello’s rough start to 2010, his late-season resurgence and prospects for a breakthrough 2011.

    He went back to the minors and worked with pitching coaches Jon Matlack and A.J. Sager, and during that time he became more adept at diagnosing when his left shoulder — the front shoulder in his delivery — was flying open, and in keeping his head and eyes locked on the target. He also worked on his grip to improve his breaking ball.

    In the middle of his third start in the minors, he had an inning in which his pitches had the movement he had in the past, in which he felt in control. “It was kind of like a light bulb went off,” Porcello recalled. He walked back to the dugout and Matlack was waiting for him with a smile; he had seen what Porcello had felt.

  3. In a Fungo Flash Poll last week we asked “Where in proximity to .500 will the Tigers finish the season?” Here are the results (from 119 total votes):

    • Just above (52%, 62 Votes)
    • Just below (31%, 37 Votes)
    • Even Steven (17%, 20 Votes)

    Love the optimism! By the by, you can see the results of every Fungo Flash Poll in the archives.

Finally, Happy 61st Birthday to Ed Begley, Jr., who played a small but important role in one of my top-three favorite movies, “The In-Laws.”

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