Fungo Flashback: Game 163: Microcosm, The Sequel Nutshell

Game 163 was one year ago today tomorrow. Here’s our recap … Not to bum you out or anything.

ESPN highlights available here.
The Score: Twins 6 – Tigers 5, 12 innings

The Gist: The Tigers and Twins played a game for the ages and both teams followed the respective scripts of the past three weeks. For the Tigers, that meant squandering countless opportunities and watching a division lead evaporate. For the Twins: everything going their way. Rick Porcello was awesome, Miguel Cabrera showed up for the first part of the game and Fernando Rodney, while taking the loss, pitched almost brilliantly in what was assuredly his last Tigers performance.

The Quote: “No matter what we did, it seems like it wasn’t meant to be. This is the best game, by far, that I’ve ever played in no matter the outcome.”Brandon Inge

The Stat: 1 – The go-ahead run scored by Don Kelly in the 10th. Oh, how I wish it would’ve held up — for his sake.

Up Next: Spring Training, Lakeland, Fla., February 2010

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One thought on “Fungo Flashback: Game 163: Microcosm, The Sequel Nutshell

  1. geez Mike, thanks for the reminder. where’s my aspirin bottle.
    I think most Tigers fans have a ‘hate’ for the whitesox, but would also love to beat the twins every game 15 to 1.
    Hope it is a good off-season for getting new Tigers.


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