Fungo Flash Poll: What Should Be the Tigers’ Next Move?

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19 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: What Should Be the Tigers’ Next Move?

  1. Sign Crawford for 5 or 6 years at around 16 million or so and trade for zack greinke while kc wants to trade. also if you can lock up victor martinez for 2 years and not a ton of money go for it. Resign Magglio for around 7 or 8 million.


  2. The Tigers need to make a long term decision at ss,second base and catcher. Peralta is a short term fix. Not sure if Sizemore is ready and catching is awful at the moment. Any championship team usually has a solid middle. The Tigers don’t. That is why they are where they are. Until the middle of the defense is solid we can expect the same ole each year.


  3. Ken?? Avila is pretty Solid behind the plate. and two of the 4 teams left in the Playoffs arent that solid up the middle. Yanks Jeter is below average (now) and Pasada sucks behind the plate. The Giants have Renteria at SS. I dont even know who plays second for them. Your right on Peralta but Avila is good and Rhymes at second looks like a good defender that hopefully can bat always like he did this year.


  4. Ordonez was having a good year before he was injured. His power was back (he would have hit about 24 HRs), he was hitting over .300 and would have driven in over 100 runs and would have scored over 100 runs. They need someone like him batting behind Cabrera. They would be stupid not to resign him.

    Adam Dunn strikes out way too much. He sucks.


  5. The Tigers should not have resigned Brandon Inge the man is a one of the major reasons the Tigers did not make the playoffs. He is a terrible hitter and not a very good fielder either. They should have release him at the end of the season and Fired Jim Leyland. We will not win anything until those two losers are let go from the team.


  6. Maybe the Tigers should sign Cliff Lee and trade for Prince Fielder while they’re at it, huh Nick?

    I’d like to see them sign Crawford, but he’s going to a big market. I’d settle for Werth. V-Mart would be a part time catcher and most-time DH here. If he’s happy with that, I say give it a try, but he won’t be cheap either. Avila seems to be coming along offensively and defensively.

    It would be great to bring Maggs back at a reasonable rate. But they can’t let that block a more long-term solution if one presents itself.


  7. I don’t mean this in a mean way, Nick, but those are the worst moves that the Tigers could make. Here’s why:

    Crawford is too expensive and a type a free agent. He’s at his peak, and in six years his speed will be gone, which is his single greatest asset. He doesn’t hit $16 million well.

    I love Carl Crawford as much as the next guy, but let’s be competitive now and try to prepare for the future.

    V-Martinez is too expensive, wants a contract that’s too long, is a bad catcher, doesn’t hit well at Comerica Park, and on top of everything else, he’s a type a free agent, so he’d cost us a 1st rounder.

    Greinke doesn’t add something we need, he adds something we want.

    I say, try to trade for Colby Rasmus, and convert him to right field.

    Give Dunn a four year contract, let him spell Cabrera from time to time and play some (very little) in left, but mostly as a DH.

    Sign a backup catcher. Avila’s going to hit .260 this year, be responsible defensively, is cheap, and will give you an extra .100 in OBP.

    Finally, either sign or trade for a bottom of the rotation starter (preferably a lefty) and a competent southpaw from the bullpen.

    And really finally, if you can’t get Rasmus for right field, go after Werth. I know he costs a draft pick, but he won’t cost as much money or time as Crawford wants, and he is a very good player.


  8. Very well done, Larry. These are exactly the things the Tigers need to do. It balances the immediate needs with the idea of keeping the future in mind. Too bad the Dodgers wrapped up Lilly. He would have been a good 4-5 starter.

    And everyone needs to remember that the farm system is starting to produce a steady flow of position players that (hopefuilly) will be making an impact as well.


  9. I agree with Larry as well. I like to add De La Rosa from the Rockies, Type B free agent, lefty not too old, and decent stats for pitching 81 games in that ballpark. Plus he will be resonable affordable.

    I forsee them going cheaper on the DH side, Bergmen, Thome, close to the end of the line guy for 1 or 2 years and resonable money. The have some 1st base guys in the system that should be ready in the near future, Strieby, Bishop that can DH.


  10. Sign Crawford for left field and bat him 3rd behind Jackson & perhaps Rhymes. Crawford will be very expensive but he is much more desirable than Dunn, who is a big time HR hitter but the team does not need another DH type. They already have Guillen (until he gets injured) and Ordonez if he is resigned.


  11. Joe, get your facts straight on Inge. He only led the AL in fielding percentage at third base and makes highlight reel plays on a weekly basis, but yeah, he’s not a very good fielder. Not to mention he was an All-Star a season ago. He doesn’t put up big numbers as a hitter, but he’s a solid, veteran player that occasionally comes through with a clutch hit. I’m willing to bet a lot of teams would be very happy to have Inge at third.


  12. The Giants also have potentially the rookie of the year at catcher(who happened to post the fifth highest WAR in the Majors) while the Yankees have potentially the AL MVP at second. The Tigers have nothing close.


  13. What I’d like to see the Tigers do is stop pretending they play in a softball league and that defense and base running don’t matter. Adam Dunn is available? Let’s lock him up! Bring back Mags too and we can be sure at least one third of our everyday lineup has the athleticism of a mummy. And that’s not even considering Guillen yet, but he’ll most likely miss 100 games so that problem pretty much works itself out. Also, as far as losing first round picks goes, big deal. The Tigers don’t care at all about the league’s slotting suggestions and they’d be wise to follow in the Red Sox footsteps of drafting and signing guys over slot in later rounds that get passed over because of their bonus demands; it does happen in more than the first round.


  14. Yeah this comment is directed toward ken. You mentioned the Tigers are not solid at defense in the middle? Go look up Johnny Peralta Fielding % It’s like 97 or 98%. Brandon Inge is the same at 3rd. Inge isn’t the most offensive minded perdon, but DD stated the likes the idea of having Inge provide double digit Home Runs. I do agree with you about 2nd base though. I’m not sure if Rhymes is ready for 2nd, though I did see some of his defensive skills and from what I’ve seen he’s pretty gopod with the glove, he seemed pretty solid offensively also.

    I would however like them to make a play for Martinez at catcher, the guy put up some pretty good num this year, if Avila doesn’t pan out then he’s still young and can be a good back up.


  15. The tigers finish 5th in MLB in hitting, 24th in pitching, and there’s only one or two comments in here about picking up a starter. None about shoring up the bullpen which watched Zumaya suffer a possible career-ending injury (again) and Valverde post an ERA around 9.00 in the last two+ months of the season. Tell me who’s going to pick up the 3,4,5 spots in our rotation? Gallaraga, Porcello, and Bonderman? Fellas, one lock-down starter, one more solid setup man, and THEN see how much money is left for a good hitter.


  16. it was nice that brought back inge but he is not a consistant offensive threat. I Think we need to get rid of guillen and replace him with rhymes. sign perolita to be the shortstop. of course were going to have caberra at first. I Think ordenez should go and we should sign dunn for dh duties and to spell caberra at first. we could also use a guy like martineze or posada to back up avilia. as far as the outfield is concerned cf is set we jackson and we need to sign or trade for a corner outfield to go with rayburn. we need to get rid of bonderman and gallaraga their too inconsistant


  17. It is always tempting to go out and buy a new superstar. But too often those superstars either dont want to play in Detroit or they suck after they get here. Magglio is a known, reliable, talented player who wants to be here. We need his bat. And our franchise player wants him here…. Work on recruiting Victor Martinez and have him give Avila some help with his batting. Based on his performance in 2010, Will Rhymes deserves a chance at second base. Sign Carlos to a one year contract to be our DH with bonuses if he stays healthy. Then concentrate on shoring up the pitching.


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