Monday Mankowskis: World Series Edition

This edition features flashback photos of Tigers alumni we’ve all heard too much about this postseason, Cody Ross and Andres Torres:


  • Tomorrow the Diamondbacks will announce that Alan Trammell will be Kirk Gibson’s bench coach in 2011 — the same role Gibson served under Trammell from 2003-05. This was a no-brainer once Tram was told he wouldn’t be considered for the Cubs managerial job. The only thing that delayed it was, among other things, the matter of Gibson having the interim tag removed from his title.

  • There’s been a lot chatter about Rangers’ catcher Bengie Molina playing for both the Rangers and Giants this season. He’s one of only five players in major-league history to have played on both World Series teams in the same year.

    Did you know that one of the remaining four did so with the Tigers in 1984? Indeed: ye olde Sid Monge. The lefty reliever appeared in 13 games with the Padres (2-1, 4.80 ERA) and 19 for the Tigers (1-0, 4.25 ERA). has a story on the last player to do so before Molina.

    Oct. 26 Update: As posted on Keith Olbermann‘s baseball blog, Monge doesn’t fall into this category because he wasn’t on the Tigers’ World Series roster. I knew Monge didn’t make the roster, but I didn’t realize the qualifier for this two-team distinction was to appear in the World Series. Live and learn.


  • It’s not easy to decide who enrages Tigers fans’ more, Jim Leyland or Brandon Inge. I’ve gone on record as being a Leyland supporter and have surrendered on the topic of Inge. I tend to think re-signing him was the best of the meager options (and after reading Jason Beck‘s post, I don’t feel entirely insane — particularly about Adrian Beltre. I remember him blowing off the Tigers the year he signed with the Mariners.)

    Then comes this from Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts and I had to re-evaluate. But then I saw this piece from Joe Pawlikowski at Fan Graphs, came full circle and am again okay with Inge’s return. Thanks for hanging with me on that one.

  • Time to commemorate a couple of Tigers birthdays: Wilkin Ramirez turns 25 today, and Al Cowens was born on this date in 1951. He passed away in 2002. Here’s a piece on Cowens from the Fungo archives.

  • Rob Neyer and I have a running thing about Jack Morris and what I feel is his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Well, it’s not really a thing because he doesn’t keep trying to convince me that The Cat doesn’t belong. It’s me trying to sway him.

    Bottom line: It ain’t happening. To illustrate the point, here are another few crystals of salt aimed at my wound, courtesy of Rob.

  • For what it’s worth, I expect the Rangers to knock the Giants for a loop in the World Series. San Francisco has shown an incredible ability to win despite, well, those players. They are, in my view, the White Sox of the National League and must be defeated — with Aubrey Huff going hitless, of course. Rangers in six.

Finally, on this date in 1986, the Mets won Game 6 of the World Series in the 10th inning when a routine ground ball went through Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner’s legs. And I, ashamedly, watched it happen at a Chuck E. Cheese’s.

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One thought on “Monday Mankowskis: World Series Edition”

  1. I had been a long-time supporter of Leyland’s, but he lost me in Game 163 last year, and he lost the benefit of my doubt. Yes, injuries played a part in the disappointing 2010 season, but the Tigers were below .500 on the day they lost both Carlos and Magglio. They were already a sinking ship, and that’s on Smoky Jim’s shoulders. Count me squarely in the Fire Leyland category. 2nd-best record before the All-Star break, 5th-worst after, for the length of Leyland’s tenure. That can’t be a coincidence.


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