No Surprise: Keith Law Hates Benoit Deal

If you read Keith Law on, it would appear he likes no contract or trade. He weighs in, predictably, on the Tigers’ signing today of reliever Joaquin Benoit:

It’s an absolutely brutal contract, with a very low probability of yielding even a zero ROI (meaning they get just what they paid for — never mind coming out ahead).


With all of Detroit’s roster issues, the 8th inning was just not the place to spend this money, and no middle reliever merits a three-year contract.

What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “No Surprise: Keith Law Hates Benoit Deal”

  1. I find it hard to ever take Law seriously, or any of the national writers. You need a more intimate knowledge of teams to really know what pieces fit or don’t fit, and trying to cookie cutter every team into a national agenda for what it should look like will seldom result in good analysis.


  2. Detroit never gets much respect on the national level. With that being said, this deal definitely addresses a need for the Tigers if they plan on moving Phil Coke into the rotation. However, I’m not so happy on the terms of the contract. Benoit had a career year last season, but is still a pitcher with a career 4.5 ERA. I’m not sold that he is worth that kind of money. We’ll see if he returns to the same form for the Tigers next season.


  3. Keith Law or any other espn reporter is biased towards yankees and red sox. They think its them two teams, then the rest. He’s probably just upset that he didn’t go to one of those teams.


  4. I believe it was a good deal for two reasons. The first reason as aforementioned is that it fills a void left by Coke, but the reason I like the deal is that the signing should mean that Joel Zumaya won’t be depended on as much. If you can cut down his innings maybe he can stay healthy for a year.


  5. The Tigers relievers racked up 25 losses last year, not to mention the losses that were tagged to the starters when the relievers let inherited runners score. Maybe they overpaid, but to say the 8th inning is not the place to spend money is moronic. It was beyond a doubt their biggest need, just look at their Major league rankes.

    Avg – 7th
    Runs – 11th
    OBP – 9th
    SLG – 11th

    ERA – 24th
    BB – 14th
    K’s – 24th
    Whip – 21st

    With Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello as the 1st 3 starters, and Valverde having a great year, it’s pretty obvious middle relief was the problem. Actually, they really should grab another quality bullpen arm before addressing anything else


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