Phil Coke: The Next C.J. Wilson?

PhilCoke.jpgIn their notes column today, Jon Paul Morosi and Ken Rosenthal cover the stories emerging from the GM Meetings in Orlando. Among them is a nugget about how the Tigers see similarities between reliever-turned-starter Phil Coke and another pitcher that took a similar path:

In October, after team officials had already made up their minds about Coke, they could watch the ideal test case pitching in the postseason: Rangers lefty [C.J.] Wilson.

Like Coke, Wilson is a native Californian who made the switch to starting after enjoying success as a reliever in the majors.

As a matter of fact, Tigers scout/pitching guru Dick Egan turned in similar reports on Coke and Wilson.

“Dick Egan, who always pushed us to be interested in C.J. Wilson, always said, ‘I think this guy can start,’ ” Dombrowski recalled. “When we got Phil Coke, he said, ‘I think this guy can start.’

“As we’ve grown familiar with him, he grew into that. His minor-league numbers spoke for themselves. He’s a very durable, strong guy. Even though he’s a little stocky, he’s in good shape. He works hard. They say he can run forever. We think he can handle it. He’s got three good pitches, too.”

Sure sounds like Coke-in-the-rotation is more than a ruse. But another C.J. Wilson? That’s Sparky Anderson talk.

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