Fungo Flash Poll: What’s next on the Tigers’ offseason to-do list?

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12 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: What’s next on the Tigers’ offseason to-do list?”

  1. Hopefully signing Ordonez is on the list, and signing Carl Crawford too. Adam Dunn sucks, I really hope they don’t sign him and his 200 strikeouts per season.


  2. I’m sick of everyone saying “Sign Mags”, he’s old and beyond he’s good years. I say part ways and thanks for everything Mags, but good riddens.


  3. I think signing jayson werth would help detroit tigers, also why don’t we bring in Derek Jeter to play shortstop and have johny paralta as a back up.Derek Jeter is a hometown boy for the tigers and he grew up 30 miles from where i grew up. He would be close to his hometown, where he has his foundation out of.


  4. I would love for us to hold on to Mags as long as the price is right, what we need is another pitcher to fill our SP void which so far only consist of Justin, Rick and Max (Bonderman will more than likely not be re-signed)I like our batting and the addition on Victor should help out great as well. we need our 2 (former) rookies to step up this year if we stand a chance in our division this year


  5. Werth would be great if Ordonez isn’t back. Hes if deffinately not past his prime however and he has a great arm. Werth is better at this point though. Jeter would be something! What a story that would be.


  6. Any option except Adam Dunn. I’d rather have Maggs than Dunn because at least he doesn’t strike out over 170 times a season in the NL.


  7. A pitcher is necessary, maybe 2, but 1 for sure. I like what’s going on so far. Taking out some garbage and bringing in some new blood. Good vibes from this team. I don’t personally want Werth, or Dunn on the team. There are other options.


  8. Detroit is not the place everyone wants to go. Why would Werth or Crawford come here? They have to find a decent outfielder somewhere who can field and hit at least 270. Mags is still good for the right price. He can hit 280-300 just not so much power. Not a real good fielder. Good guy to have batting when you want a hit. I wish they could get one of those Boston outfielders.


  9. Completely agree with Ron. I think pitching should have the highest priority at this point. Forget Dunn and Werth. I’d rather see Rayburn and Boesch full time.


  10. Go after Carl Crawford!!!!! 5 yr, 90 million. Then talk Maggs into a 2 yr 16 million and a great shot at a World Series ring. Wish we would have called up Turner and Oliver the last two months to get 10-12 starts in there for each to be ready for the spring…


  11. We already have a pretty good lineup, but our starting rotation is lacking. We can’t keep on waiting for Gallarraga, Porcello, and Sherzer to figure it out. Verlander is an ace, but we need a deffinite number 2.


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