Martinez Official, But More to Come … Right?

Martinez.jpgDespite what some national guys are saying about the Victor Martinez signing, I think it’s outstanding.

Is it Jayson Werth or Adam Dunn? No. But signing Martinez to hit behind — or maybe in front of — Miguel Cabrera makes the Tigers’ lineup more formidable — especially when Martinez is in the lineup in place of Alex Avila.

As Jayson Stark writes this morning, the prevailing wisdom is that Dave Dombrowski isn’t done.

So even after making four significant signings, the Tigers clearly aren’t done.

They’re not finished with their bullpen. And they’re still prowling for a big right-handed, corner-outfield bat. They could be players for Jayson Werth. They could bring back Magglio Ordonez. They could have a surprise in store. But they have the dollars to make almost anything possible.

But is that it? It’s certainly impressive the amount of business the Tigers have accomplished. Yet even with all the activity the Tigers have had this month, I still think it will make the Winter Meetings next month even more intriguing — and worth watching.

There has to be a trade of some sort in the offing, right? If they miss out on Werth, do they make a deal for a slugger? Do they go after Hanley Ramirez and shift Jhonny Peralta to second? Purely speculation, of course, but I just can’t see the Tigers going to the Winter Meetings and not be open for some degree of business.

What do you think?

Here’s the Boston Globe’s story on Martinez’s conference call today announcing the deal.

In unrelated news, Happy 63rd Birthday to one of my favorite all-time Tigers, Richie Hebner. Today’s also the birthday of Mike Moore, brilliant with the A’s, dreadful for the Tigers from 1993-95. He’s 51.

Have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “Martinez Official, But More to Come … Right?

  1. It’s interesting that Stark thinks the Tigers are looking for a right-handed bat. With Cabrera, Jackson, Raburn, Peralta and Inge in the starting line-up, there isn’t really a dearth of RHB. A left-handed batter would seem to fit just as well.


  2. The Tigers need another bat, whether it’s right or left handed. Inge is a huge liability (and the worst signing of the season)with a bat and the rest of the right handed bats don’t give the Tigers much pop.

    The Tigers sure up their bullpen, add one more big bat to go with Martinez and Cabrera they will be a contenter again. Mags isn’t a bad option. When he’s healthy he can play.


  3. I agree that a left would be better than a righty but werth is a very good outfielder and a solid avg/hr guy, just having more threats in the line up would be huge, last year all you had to do was get by mags when hes healthy, cabby and Boesch when he was on fire then you had 6 pretty easy outs. I love inge as a person and i like his attitude but he has been disapointing the last 2 years, the first half of 09 his crazy HRs made up for the lack of avg but the following year and a half he was a liability. In a perfect world i wish Detroit would suck it up and go after carl crawford anyway, even if he wants the 20mil he will probably get, hes amazing and lefty, last year showed power to go with his solid avg and tier 1 baserunning. i dont want to go overboard though, i hope rayburn finally gets to start at least most of the time in the other outfield slot, with boesch being still a quality backup if he gets it back together. i kinda wouldnt mind seeing us get a real DH, there are several older slower power guys out there, i liked how we used to to rotate people but stability and consistency would be a nice change, and just more real batters in the line up. we obviously have 2 rotation spots to sure up too, i heard coke might give it a go, he was very consistent as a reliever, i have as much faith in him as anyone, if zumaya can get healthy which i have no reason to believe he will then with the addition of benoit hopefully the bullpen will at least be as good at it was.


  4. The Tigers should do what it takes to sign Carl Crawford. He could bat third behind Jackson & Rhymes adding speed and hitting. Neither Werth or Ordonez would bring what Crawford could. He would also be helpful to Jackson with hius experience and speed.


  5. I love the idea of shifting Peralta to 2nd and trading for Ramirez! I have been saying that for a long time!! Then go after Crawford! Or Vice Versa! Crawford is worth all the money we throw at him…We have money..spend it..Ramirez and Crawford will be great for years…I still think Boesch is a big league hitter..He will be the Tigers’ right fielder of the future. Ordonez is great..when healthy…we are already obligated to Guillen’s crappy contract..he will get hurt..might as well plan around it..he can DH some an play 2nd some and be hurt. I also think we should look at Jim Thome as a last minute signing..a great lefty power hitter…

    My Dream Lineup for the 2011 Tigers:
    Jackson CF
    Crawford LF
    Ramirez SS
    Cabrera 1B
    Martinez C
    Thome DH
    Boesch RF
    Peralta 2B
    Inge 3B



  6. What about signing Scott Podsednik and keeping a handle on Mags? With Podsednik, depending on his foot, you get proven speed, an effective left handed bat, an efficent fielder and at a great deal less than Werth, or Crawford. (Mags $8.5-9 mil Pods $1.5-2 mil) This allowing the Tigers to free up money to go after a stud pitcher.

    1- Jackson
    2- Podsednik
    3- Martinez
    4- Cabrera
    5- Paralta
    6- Ordonez
    7- Inge
    8- Rhymes
    9- Avila


  7. HEY HEY the Tigers have made two great moves and have at least one more big one left and maybe two. I love the idea of bringing Hanley Ramirez here a friend and I have been begging for that for the last two years. If they can get Werth and or Ramirez this team is a lethal from pitching and hitting. Even the way it stands now they are much improved from last year. Signing Ramirez and then signing Mags to a 2 year 18 million dollar deal cutting his contract in half would be the best course of action in my book. We could give up a lot of prospects to get Ramirez but he is already signed and would be ours for several years to come.


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