Fungo Flash Poll: Should the Tigers pursue Curtis Granderson to play left field?

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17 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: Should the Tigers pursue Curtis Granderson to play left field?

  1. This might be something to consider IF the Yankees did sign Crawford. But the bigger question to me is do the Yankees want Curtis with his power to right field to stay, and maybe they decide Brett Gardner is the odd man out. Unless they keep him as the 4th outfielder.
    If Gardner was available would anyone want him for left field in Comerica and platoon with Raburn? great defense, speed, and at the top of the league in pitches per at bat. Thoughts?


  2. This is something to consider but i am not sure that Curtis would be let go at a reasonable price and if he would mesh back into the locker room, but if he did i could take his picture back out of my closet.


  3. I would take Curtis back in a heartbeat. Lf and Bat 6th or 7th. Tigers fans lvoe him I love him. Even with a 250 batting average he hits for hrs doubles triples and gets his fair share of walks and tons of excitement. Re-sign Magglio and have Raburn back up all three spots. An outfield of Granderson Jackson Ordonez with Raburn getting about 400 abs is very nice.

    cf jackson
    2b rhymes/sizemore/guillen
    dh martinez
    1b cabrera
    rf ordonez
    lf granderson
    ss peralta
    c avila
    3b inge


  4. Why in God’s name would trade for Granderson? He can’t hit left handed pitching. He won’t hit .250 like martin here prays that he does. He’ll end up hitting .230-.240, NOT walking a lot, and striking out a lot. Maybe if the Tigers gave up a fringe player for him or something really cheap. He’s playing at a replacement player level, why do you make a size able trade for that?


  5. If we could get him cheap enough I’d love to platoon him with Raburn in Left, then he wouldn’t have to face Lefties. They could bat 2nd, 6th, or anywhere in a L/R platoon.


  6. I like the ideal of bringing Granderson back and playing in leftfield, but as I read one comment I would never bring back Ordonez for rightfield. He has no speed and no arm to play that position.


  7. I like the thought of bringing him back but i wouldnt give anything of worth to get him back. We need a lf but we need a bat more. If we could get a different lf that could hit better and have to give up a little in the field then so be it. We left 1229 runners on base. That led the league. If we score .25% of those runs were in the playoffs makeing a push.


  8. He`s Willie Mays Hayes from `Magor League`. Supposed to be working the pitcher and getting on base wrecking havok instead he`s swingin` for HR`s every pitch hoping he get`s some PUB. on Sports Center while KO`ing 150 times .


  9. I liked Granderson but we got lucky in getting Jackson and he turned out to be better. I honestly think raburn deserves to actually get a full time position and if Boesch gets it back in gear he can give raburn and ordonez some off days. Granderson is a good CF and i think its a waste to put him somewhere else and id rather have someone who actually wants to hit the ball instead of trying to overdo the power and strike out tons


  10. I think Granderson shoud not play any where else than center feild.He’s great there and he won’t be him if they put him in left or right.That’s my opinion,but other peaple have good reasons why he should play there.I am nine and I have a good reason.


  11. and when did I say I pray he hits 250? umm he hit 250 the past 2 years and has had a 300 season dumb fuck. u dumb fucking moron. granderson shouldve been a tiger for life. these black kids need role models like him


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