Monday Mankowskis: Winter Meetings Edition

PhilMankowski77.jpgOne by one, the Tigers’ alleged free-agent targets are signing with other clubs and in the case of Adam Dunn, with the hated White Sox. Now that Jayson Werth has sign a gargantuan deal with the Nationals — the Nationals? — Detroit is left to shoot for the moon (i.e., Carl Crawford) or swing another blockbusterish trade.

I’m still betting on the latter, though the Tigers have fewer minor-league chips to parlay into an impact big-leaguer, and the ones they have — Andy Oliver, Jacob Turner — are the premier prospects. But who wants to see them dealt? Not many, I’m guessing.

Meanwhile …

  • Ken Rosenthal says that the Tigers could be a dark-horse team on Cliff Lee. He’s clear that he has no information on which to base this hunch, only Mike Ilitch‘s annual mad-money spending. How great would this be? As long as Lee doesn’t end up with the White Sox …

  • I received an email from our man Doug Hill this morning saying that a Detroit sports talk conversation centered on the alleged availability of Curtis Granderson — and whether a return to Detroit might be possible. The hosts speculated that Grandy could return, bat fifth and play left field. I’d have no problem with this, depending on the cost. What do you think?

  • The Werth deal has been skewered by just about everyone since it was announced, most recently by The News’ Lynn Henning, and justifiably so. Still, I think the Nationals wanted to make a splash much like the Tigers did in 2005 when they went after Magglio Ordonez. Sometimes a club has to make a bold move to get itself back on the map. For Washington, this was that move.

    I tweeted yesterday that most thought the Tigers seven-year deal with Ordonez was nuts. Despite his injury-shortened 2005, he was tremendous for the Tigers. The Common Man replied:

    @DailyFungo Correct me if I’m wrong, but #Tigers got, like, one great year out of Magglio while paying, like $82 mil. I’d say that’s nuts.

    Well, in the six seasons he played in Detroit, Ordonez amassed some pretty solid numbers: .318 average, 102 home runs, 501 RBI and OPS of .874. I’d say that’s hardly nuts. Plus, at the time the Tigers had zero punch in the lineup, with apologies to Rondell White, Dmitri Young and Pudge. They needed a slugger and after a decade of losing, they needed to overpay a bit. I think it worked out tremendously.

  • In case you’ve been wondering, Victor Martinez will wear number 41, his number in Cleveland and Boston, which means Oliver will have to go with another. Joaquin Benoit will wear number 53.

  • Speaking of Magglio,’s Rumor Central whispers that the Red Sox might have him on their radar but his age might drive them away.

  • While it’s only the first day of the Winter Meetings, the Tigers might make a splash today. In their history, December 6 has been a busy transaction day:

    1939 – The Tigers acquired infielder Dick Bartell from the Cubs for infielder Billy Rogell.

    1954 – The Tigers acquired RHP Leo Cristante and infielders Ferris Fain and Jack Phillips from the White Sox for LHP Ted Gray, infielder Walt Dropo and outfielder Bob Nieman.

    1958 – The Tigers acquired infielders Eddie Yost and Rocky Bridges and outfielder Neil Chrisley from the Senators for infielders Reno Bertoia and Ron Samford and outfielder Jim Delsing.

    1973 – The Tigers acquired LHP Ray Newman from the Brewers for RHP Mike Strahler.

    1975 – The Tigers acquired LHPs Dave Roberts and Jim Crawford and catcher Milt May from the Astros for RHPs Gene Pentz and Mark Lemongello, catcher Terry Humphrey and outfielder Leon Roberts.

    1989 – The Tigers acquired RHP Matt Kinzer and outfielder Jim Lindeman from the Cardinals for RHP Marcos Betances, catcher Bill Henderson and infielder Pat Austin.

Thanks to the record-number of responses — 1,308! — we received to our recent Fungo Flash Poll: What’s next on the Tigers’ offseason to-do list? The comments were terrific too.
Here’s how the voting came out:

  1. Sign Jayson Werth (39%, 512 Votes)
  2. Make a trade or two at the Winter Meetings (27%, 359 Votes)
  3. Sign a starting pitcher (24%, 309 Votes)
  4. Sign Adam Dunn (10%, 128 Votes)

With Werth and Dunn off the market, I still believe the Tigers are due for a big trade.

It should be a fun week. On Thursday, Ian and I will recap the Tigers’ activity on the next episode of the podcast.

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11 thoughts on “Monday Mankowskis: Winter Meetings Edition”

  1. If we could get back Granderson for the right price to play Left field plus resign Magglio that might not be a bad deal and still go after another relief pitcher to help the bull pen the tigers might have some spark In them after all!!


  2. Perhaps DD can swing a 3 way trade between the Brewers and the Royals. Brewers want Greinke bad, the Tigers could use a young LF in Ryan Braun. We could send the Royals Turner, and send the Brewers Boesch and the Brewers can send the Royals picks as well. Just a thought to add the splash that DD likes in the winter meetings


  3. After this 3 way trade, the Tigers should shore up their southpaws. re-sign Andy Miller and move Phil Coke to the starting rotation as the 4th and 5th starters. Then sign CJ Romero, trade Thomas and reassign Galarraga, and with my both comments the Tigers will bw set unless they care to ungrade or add depth


  4. Forget all the hoopla and rumors in the baseball offseason hot stove and winter meetings. Cliff Lee will sign with NYY, Crawford to LAA, and Magglio back with the Tigers. Greinke and Fielder will stay with their respective teams because no team can offer that much in a trade for ONE player. But then again, look at what the RedSox did with Adrian Gonzalez (who, by the way, will have a huge season in ’11.)


  5. You can’t trade picks in MLB, and the Brewers are not trading Braun. Crawford is not coming here, and I dout there wil be many takers on Boesch after his Chris Shelton-like second half. If the Tigers are a possibility for Greinke, it’ll cost Oliver, Turner and probably two more good prospects. Plus a ML ready performer most likely. The Royals can get a boatload from Texas for him as soon as Lee signs with the Yankees.


  6. Well if the Tigers trade with the Royals they will want more from us since the trade would be intra-division. We trade Oliver, Turner and Galarraga or Portello for Greinke who would be the #3 in the rotation behind Verlander and Scheizer


  7. I hate to say (type) it, but the Tigers have no shot at Cliff Lee. If they’re feeling especially brave, they might try rolling the dice on a one-year deal for Rich Harden or Brad Penny. Low-risk, high-reward?


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