Fungo Flash Poll: Should the Tigers sign RHP Brad Penny?

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2 thoughts on “Fungo Flash Poll: Should the Tigers sign RHP Brad Penny?

  1. Tigers need depth in they`re starting pitching corps. What if Coke don`t cut it as a starter and he`s moved back to the pen? Will Gallaraga pitch like he did in`09? Is Porcello over his sophmore slump? What are they going to do if any problems arise?…. bring up minor-leaguers just like last year . It`s too late in the game for D.D. & `Smokie` to be experimenting with future prospects. They need to not just get past the Chi-sox & the Twinkies and win the Central, but excell in the Playoffs. I don`t know why they don`t offer Pavano a deal, as least up the price the Twins are gonna have to pay him. Tigers defanitely need VETERAN starting pitching,guys who can pitch into the 6-7 innings! GO TIGERS!!!!!


  2. The Tigers have been burned on so many underperforming
    overpriced pitchers, why keep building the pitching staff using the
    same M.O? The relief corps were built up the right way last season
    and I predict that they will prove themselves 2011. Remember 2008,
    the year the media made the Tigers world champs before the season
    began. Not only was Jeremy Bonderman, Nate Robertson, Dontrelle
    Willis and Kenny Rogers a bust in the regular season, there was
    evidence during spring training they were not very good but,
    because of the high price and high expectations, they remained
    starters anyhow… along with SS Edgar Rentaria and LF Jacque Jones
    So, my point is that if they pay Brad Penny big money, they better
    “catch lightning…” because more money does not mean better player
    or better team. A Pitching Rotation ahould be looked at in whole vs
    piece by piece. For example: Casey Stengel placed finesse pitcher
    Eddie Lopat between hard throwing Allie Reynolds and Whitey Ford to
    keep lineups off balance. Ultimately, my answer to the pole is
    don’t take a chance on Brad Penny. Especially if his contract
    alters decions.


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