Tuesday Tananas: Greenberg, Anderson and Timo Time

With about a month to go before pitchers and catchers arrive in Lakeland, here are some various and sundry Tigers items to keep you warm as you wait:

  • On this date in 1947, the Tigers sold All-Star first baseman Hank Greenberg to the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 1946, Greenberg led the American League with 44 home runs and 127 RBI, but slumped to 25 home runs and 74 RBI with the Pirates — though today that would be worth $12 million per year. Greenberg retired after the 1947 season.
  • A Matt Anderson comeback? Ian says it’s so.
  • Fresh off the Brad Penny signing — and before Armando Galarraga avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year deal of his own — we asked how Galarraga fits into the Tigers’ pitching staff. Here’s what the voters said:

    • Spot starter and long reliever in the bullpen (60%, 272 Votes)
    • Still in the Tigers’ rotation. (25%, 115 Votes)
    • Some other team. (15%, 68 Votes)

    UPDATE: Moments after I posted this, I saw that the Tigers designated Galarraga for assignment. Discuss.

  • Speaking of starting pitchers, am I the only one surprised that Jeremy Bonderman has generated so little interest this offseason? I thought he’d at least get a minor-league deal with someone — maybe his hometown Mariners. So far, though, no bites. In his Sunday notes column, the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo identifies a couple possible suitors for Bondo.
  • How did I miss the news that Timo Perez is back in the Tigers organization? As the Toledo Blade’s terrific Mud Hens blog points out, the Tigers didn’t invite Perez to spring training which nixes his chances of playing time in Detroit.
  • Depending on how the Tigers’ Opening Day roster shapes up, Timo Time could end up in Toledo or perhaps Double-A Erie. At 37, why would he want to ride the buses in minor leagues? To paraphrase Joe Riggins, manager of the fictional Durham Bulls: “Because he can keep comin’ to the ballpark and keep gettin’ paid to do it.”

Speaking of Crash Davis, today’s the birthday of Kevin Costner. He’s 56.

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