’s Jerry Crasnick handed out offseason grades for American League Central clubs and the Tigers received the highest grade: B+.

[Jim] Leyland began the Tigers’ winter caravan by acknowledging that “my tail’s on the line.” For good measure, Leyland observed that general manager David Dombrowski‘s tail is somewhere in the same vicinity.


The Tigers have talked quite a bit about how Brad Penny “takes the ball” and gives the team a veteran “horse” in the rotation. But Penny has been around since 2000 and has a total of two 200-inning seasons on his résumé — the same as Rodrigo Lopez. Amid questions about his conditioning and dedication, Penny’s tail is on the line, too.

Crasnick ranks the White Sox next with a B, followed by the Royals (B-), Twins (C) and Indians (D).