The Detroit Tigers Podcast #128: That’s a Bummer

DetroitTigersPodcastAlbum.jpgWelcome to The Detroit Tigers Podcast. This is Episode #128 a 50-minute podcast about the Detroit Tigers recorded live from Scottsdale, Ariz., and Asheville, N.C.

In this episode we touch on:

  • Miguel Cabrera‘s arrest last week
  • The second-base competition
  • Ian’s trip to Lakeland

…and much more.

Download the audio file or grab the RSS feed here.


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Theme music for the podcast produced by Paul Minshall.

The Detroit Tigers Podcast is not affiliated in any way with the Detroit Tigers Baseball Club or Major League Baseball.

Published by

Mike McClary

Upbeat guy.

4 thoughts on “The Detroit Tigers Podcast #128: That’s a Bummer”

  1. Hi Mike, Thanks, I wasn’t sure if when I clicked on the link it had to do with my page not loading up everything.
    Your podcast are always enjoyable with good Tigers discussion with Ian.
    As for the remembering if Maggs had the same micro-fracture surgery, you are correct, he did and in Vienna-Austria. At the time, it was more in the infancy stages of those surgeons in the US. Clete also had the surgery, but he had his earlier than Carlos, hence he is playing more sooner.
    Ron KalineCountry

    addendum, well Ian looked it up, anyways keep up all the good Tigers news.


  2. Hey Mike,
    Just recently I drew a comparison between Max Scherzer and Cliff Lee.
    I remember a couple years ago when Lee was a nobody with Cleveland with a 6+ ERA. He was sent down to the minors and a few short years later signs a massive contract with the Phillies. A similar event happened to Scherzer last season. Do you think Scherzer has the potential to be a Cliff Lee like pitcher?


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